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2013 damage reports

August 26thTropical storm Fernand

Veracruz13 people drowned from flooding in state of Veracruz.
July 8th-12th tropical storm Chantal
Santo Damingo Three dead is the toll of victims of the passing of Tropical Storm Chantal to the south of the Dominican Republic. The storm brought rains that lasted practically all day Wednesday. Yesterday, the Center for Emergency Operations said a baby drowned in the Callejon de Brooklyn of the La Cienaga slum area adjacent to the Ozama River, when early on Wednesday the child fell from its crib to a flooded floor. The COE reported yesterday also the death of Felix Antonio Jesus, a 16 year old who drowned in the rising waters of Jayabo River in Villa Tapia, Maria Trinidad Sanchez province. He was out having fun with friends. The first victim of the storm was fireman Juan Ramirez, 26, who drowned when attempting to unclog a sewage drain in Bonao. The COE reported that 8,141 persons had to leave their dwellings and 667 continue in official refugees. 7,474 reportedly took refuge with friends and family. The COE says 1,133 houses were affected by the rains.
June 6-9 Tropical storm Andrea
Florida....Palm bch county The Acreage, Tornado hits with 100mph winds damaging numerous homes.Pricilla Hastey, 88, who remains in critical condition as of 6/8 after a tree fell on her bedroom.
Mid AtlanticMyrtle Beach,19-year-old surfer entered the water with his brother Friday. His board washed ashore, but the teen had not been found presumed dead.
N.E....Andrea dumped 6.64 inches of rain on Gales Ferry, Conn. The 4.16 inches that fell on New York City's Central Park was more than double the previous record for the date, set in 1918. The 3.5 inches of rain that fell at Philadelphia International Airport doubled the 1.79 inches that fell in 1904. Newark, N.J., saw 3.71 inches, breaking the previous mark of 1.11 inches set in were submerged in floodwaters on Long Island, and about 50 residents were displaced by a rising stream in Chester, Pa. A retaining wall collapsed early Saturday in Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood, sending an avalanche of rubble sliding into an apartment building and leaving three families homeless. The storm was blamed for one traffic-related death in Virginia.
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