Providing hurricane statistics for cities in the atlantic basin for over 20 years
Sat, Sep 21, 2019 at 5:21 PM

During this week back in...
For the period of June 8th through June 14th

Other Weeks:

  • 1912: A tropical storm born off west Cuba would later hit Louisiana as a tropical storm.
  • 1906: A storm born near Andros Island on June 14th would later hit south Florida on the 16th as a cat 2 hurricane.
  • 1965: An unnamed system from the Pacific crosses into the Gulf & would hit the Florida Panhandle as a tropical storm on the 15th.
  • 1966: Alma hits west Cuba as a cat 1 with 90mph winds, then hits Florida Panhandle as a cat 2 with 110mph winds. Many were killed in Honduras where she was born.
  • 1972: Hurricane Agnes is born off the Yucatan peninsula on the 14th & would later hit the Florida Panhandle as a hurricane.
  • 2005, June 11th: Tropical Storm Arlene hits Pensacola from the south with 60mph winds.