Providing hurricane statistics for cities in the atlantic basin for over 20 years
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During this week back in...
For the period of November 3rd through November 9th

Other Weeks:

  • 1924: A tropical storm moves through east Cuba & would later hit the east Bahamas as a cat 1 on Nov. 10th.
  • 1932: The Cayman Islands get brushed by a cat 3 hurricane on the 8th, then the hurricane hits east central Cuba as a cat 4 on Nov. 9th & would later hit the Bahamas as a cat 3. NOTE: This system was born east of the Leeward Islands in the end of October.
  • 1935: The Yankee storm coming from the north hits Grand Bahamas Island on Nov. 4th as a cat 1, then hits South Florida as a cat 1 on the 5th, then later dies in the mid Gulf of Mexico.
  • 1942: A tropical storm is born Nov. 5th near east Puerto Rico & moves WNW & hits the east Bahamas as a cat 1 on Nov. 6th, then hits central Cuba as a strong tropical storm on the 7th, then hits the Caymans as a tropical storm, then hits Belize on the 9th as a cat 2 hurricane.
  • 1981: Hurricane Katrina first hits the Cayman islands as a strong tropical storm, then hits east central Cuba on Nov. 6th as a cat 1 & would later hit the Bahamas as a tropical storm.
  • 1984: Tropical Storm Klaus hits Puerto Rico on Nov. 5th moving NNE & would later become Hurricane Klaus & die in the open Atlantic on Nov. 7th.
  • 1994: Gordon is born near Nicaragua on Nov. 8th & would later cause headaches for many U.S. residents.