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Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 3:06 AM

How to watch and/or listen to the products issued by HurricaneCity

Starting in 1998 all of the audio & video products we produced were in the RealAudio format. In 2007, we switched to producing all live feeds with Windows Media Services accessible with Windows Media Player but then switched to streaming in Adobe Flash, which most people have. All of our live broadcasts are now streamed in Flash and you can click here to view our live stream.

Some of our old recorded clips (.ram) are still on the website in the RealAudio or RealVideo format. This page is set up to explain certain settings to allow optimum performance while watching our products, especially our older products.

When do I need Real Player?

As of 2007 you no longer need Real Player or Windows Media Player to watch the live feed. However, you will need Real Player for some of the older clips on our site.

What if Adobe Flash doesn't work?

Some operating systems, like Windows XP, have security settings you may need to adjust. Click on Start on the lower left hand screen and go to Control Panel. Click on Network Connections, then right click on Local Area Connection. Click on Properties and then the Advanced tab and click on the Settings button. When this window opens click on the Exceptions tab. Look for Flash or Adobe in the list and make sure the box is checked. Close out of this & try again. You may need to reboot your computer. If you are running a firewall of some sort you may need to allow "flash.exe" or Adobe.

Why do I only see a black screen?

You should see coverage during "live" shows such as hurricane warnings or major weather disasters, otherwise you will see weather documentaries and videos. If you know a video is being shown and all you see is a black screen or a menu it may be that we may have temporarily shut it down. As for older clips, for optimal performance choose Preferences and on the lower left navigation area click on "Hardware". On all of your performance settings set them to half speed. Click OK. This should solve the problem.

When to watch

The live video plays 24 hours a day and the audio / video clips are available on our archive page here. If you have not already done so, you can sign up to our mailing list to get notified of the next live event. Many of the live shows are not archived & only portions are recorded. You can signup for our free mailing list through the "Donate" menu at the top of this page.