Oct. 20, 2017
5:03 Z
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Note: "Max Wnd" is highest wind reported in "Significant Wind Levels" section. It could occur at any level, including surface. Value will often be higher, sometimes significantly, than surface or flight level wind. Time noted is launch time of sonde. Extrap. MSLPs have (e) next to them. Surface wind will be unavailable if sonde did not reach the surface.
Product: NOAA Temp Drop (Dropsonde) Message (UZNT13 KWBC)
Transmitted: 7th day of the month at 1:01Z
Agency: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Aircraft: Gulfstream IV-SP (G-IV) (Reg. Num. N49RF)
Storm Number: 16
Storm Name: Nate (flight in the North Atlantic basin)
Mission Number: 6
Observation Number: 36

Part A...

Date: Near the closest hour of 1Z on the 7th day of the month
Highest Mandatory Level For Which Wind Was Reported: 150mb
Coordinates: 28.0N 83.9W
Location: 88 statute miles (141 km) to the W (271°) from Tampa, FL, USA.
Marsden Square: 081 ( About )

Surface and Standard Isobaric Surfaces
Level Geo. Height Air Temp. Dew Point Wind Direction Wind Speed
1011mb (29.86 inHg) Surface (Sea Level) 27.8°C (82.0°F) 25.2°C (77°F) 55° (from the NE) 13 knots (15 mph)
1000mb 101m (331 ft) 27.4°C (81.3°F) 24.5°C (76°F) 55° (from the NE) 17 knots (20 mph)
925mb 790m (2,592 ft) 23.4°C (74.1°F) 20.3°C (69°F) 105° (from the ESE) 15 knots (17 mph)
850mb 1,526m (5,007 ft) 20.0°C (68.0°F) About 14°C (57°F) 140° (from the SE) 21 knots (24 mph)
700mb 3,178m (10,427 ft) 11.0°C (51.8°F) About 6°C (43°F) 155° (from the SSE) 24 knots (28 mph)
500mb 5,900m (19,357 ft) -5.1°C (22.8°F) -7.2°C (19°F) 140° (from the SE) 20 knots (23 mph)
400mb 7,630m (25,033 ft) -14.9°C (5.2°F) -19.1°C (-2°F) 125° (from the SE) 19 knots (22 mph)
300mb 9,740m (31,955 ft) -29.9°C (-21.8°F) About -43°C (-45°F) 285° (from the WNW) 4 knots (5 mph)
250mb 11,010m (36,122 ft) -40.1°C (-40.2°F) About -50°C (-58°F) 285° (from the WNW) 15 knots (17 mph)
200mb 12,500m (41,010 ft) -52.5°C (-62.5°F) -56.9°C (-70°F) 265° (from the W) 33 knots (38 mph)
150mb 14,290m (46,883 ft) -68.5°C (-91.3°F) Reading usually unavailable when air temp. is below -40°C 250° (from the WSW) 32 knots (37 mph)

Information About Radiosonde:
- Launch Time: 0:42Z
- About Sonde: A descending radiosonde tracked automatically by satellite navigation with no solar or infrared correction.

Remarks Section...

Highest altitude where wind was reported:
- Location: 27.95N 83.92W
- Time: 0:42:27Z

Lowest altitude where wind was reported:
- Location: 28.00N 83.94W
- Time: 0:58:42Z

Mean Boundary Level Wind (mean wind in the lowest 500 geopotential meters of the sounding):
- Wind Direction: 65° (from the ENE)
- Wind Speed: 18 knots (21 mph)

Deep Layer Mean Wind (average wind over the depth of the sounding):
- Wind Direction: 150° (from the SSE)
- Wind Speed: 13 knots (15 mph)
- Depth of Sounding: From 147mb to 1011mb

Average Wind Over Lowest Available 150 geopotential meters (gpm) of the sounding:
- Lowest 150m: 155 gpm - 5 gpm (509 geo. feet - 16 geo. feet)
- Wind Direction: 55° (from the NE)
- Wind Speed: 17 knots (20 mph)

Sounding Software Version: AEV 33304

Last Report: This is the last report for this mission.

Part B: Data for Significant Levels...

Significant Temperature And Relative Humidity Levels
Level Air Temperature Dew Point
1011mb (Surface) 27.8°C (82.0°F) 25.2°C (77°F)
850mb 20.0°C (68.0°F) About 14°C (57°F)
764mb 16.0°C (60.8°F) About 6°C (43°F)
533mb -3.3°C (26.1°F) -3.9°C (25°F)
518mb -3.1°C (26.4°F) -6.1°C (21°F)
494mb -5.7°C (21.7°F) -7.3°C (19°F)
441mb -9.3°C (15.3°F) About -14°C (7°F)
404mb -14.5°C (5.9°F) -17.8°C (0°F)
379mb -17.3°C (0.9°F) About -24°C (-11°F)
350mb -22.3°C (-8.1°F) -23.7°C (-11°F)
287mb -32.1°C (-25.8°F) About -48°C (-54°F)
252mb -39.7°C (-39.5°F) About -50°C (-58°F)
226mb -45.5°C (-49.9°F) -50.0°C (-58°F)
191mb -55.3°C (-67.5°F) About -60°C (-76°F)
147mb -69.5°C (-93.1°F) Reading usually unavailable when air temp. is below -40°C

Significant Wind Levels
Level Wind Direction Wind Speed
1011mb (Surface) 55° (from the NE) 13 knots (15 mph)
1006mb 55° (from the NE) 18 knots (21 mph)
990mb 60° (from the ENE) 20 knots (23 mph)
959mb 75° (from the ENE) 14 knots (16 mph)
919mb 110° (from the ESE) 14 knots (16 mph)
850mb 140° (from the SE) 21 knots (24 mph)
591mb 155° (from the SSE) 23 knots (26 mph)
447mb 125° (from the SE) 23 knots (26 mph)
409mb 130° (from the SE) 17 knots (20 mph)
390mb 120° (from the ESE) 20 knots (23 mph)
363mb 140° (from the SE) 10 knots (12 mph)
318mb 260° (from the W) 1 knots (1 mph)
265mb 295° (from the WNW) 10 knots (12 mph)
195mb 260° (from the W) 34 knots (39 mph)
147mb 250° (from the WSW) 31 knots (36 mph)

Dropsonde Diagram...

Width: Height:
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Winds at a particular level are peak winds since a dropsonde only records momentary slices of data at each level as it falls through the atmosphere. These winds are not 1 minute sustained. The highest wind observed in the "Significant Wind Levels" section is noted in bold.