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Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 6:43 AM

2006 Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference

Jim Williams of HurricaneCity.com attended the 2006 Governor's Hurricane Conference. Below you will find video clips & pictures of this event.

DAY #1

  • Video of convention center inside & out. Video of exhibit areas & awards dinner area. Watch (3min 45sec).
  • Video segments from speeches at 2006 Governor's Hurricane Conference from Max Mayfield & governor Jeb Bush. Watch (9min 38sec).

DAY #2

  • Hurricane hop live entertainment with some playing musical chairs. Watch (1min 8sec).
  • Jim Williams (HurricaneCity) & Mike Watkins of IPR radio / TropicalUpdate.com talk about the 2006 Governor's Hurricane Conference. Listen (35min 58sec).

DAY #3

  • David Paulison (FEMA director) mentions new plans for the 2006 season. Watch (3min 31sec).
  • Dr William Gray (Colorado State) talks about the media overplaying global warming. Watch (10min 6sec).
  • Philip Klotzbach (Colorado State) talks about this years hurricane probabilities. Watch (9min 52sec).