Hurricane David was a monster hurricane for the Caribbean but was much less intense for the United States. David destroyed whole jungles & swept families away. The eye of David grazed the coast of Florida, from Palm bch north to Cape canaveral as a cat 2 ,The East coast got the weak side and later he would hit N.GA & S.C as a cat 1 with 75 to 80mph winds..

Hurricane David statistics:

  • Northern Barbados gusts to 75mph
  • Dominica 144mph gusts 22 killed 75%homeless
  • Santo Damingo,Dominican Republic 172mph gusts 1:30AM(waves reported the size of 4 story buildings)
  • Palm Bch,Florida eye touched briefly with 97mph they got weak side with gusts to 80mph.
  • Total killed approx 1,500
  • Born August 25th died sept 14th in the N.E.U.S(1979)
  • In dying stages several tornadoes observed in Philadelphia area.
  • Lowest pressure observed 27.28 inches 170mph before hitting Dominican Republic
  • 13ft Strom surge in Santo Damingo

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