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Recommended Weather Links

Track Typhoons Jim Leonard, storm chaser (as seen on National Geographic) - Pictures of encounters with hurricanes & tornadoes. Weather Underground tropical page - The most used tropical site online by Jeff Masters. - Cane reports from the Caribbean Hurricane Network. - Michael Laca hurricane tracker & storm chaser based in Miami. - Terry Faber's, a University of Miami weather & hurricane researcher, Atlantic basin tropical weather page. Central Florida Hurricane Center Central Florida Hurricane Center - A very good frequently updated hurricane information page. Tornado Scapes - See artist Shawn Selders drawings of Tornadoes. Weather Awareness Resource Network Get your free disaster brochures here. Crown Weather Services - Original graphical model layouts (future global model tracks). Hurricaneville - A hurricane information site brought to you by Greg Machos of Greg's Weather Center. This site does it all from interviews to current tracking information. Brohav Weather Fax - Hurricane information for Barbados & the eastern Caribbean Fred Furneaux's weather page - Fred has a page set up with old newspaper articles related to major weather events. Home Town Weather - A Florida based website located in Port St Lucie. This website has just about every Florida related weather link available on it, with cams as well. from Batavia, Illinois - Mark Davis does a great job with this weather website. It has a lot of weather related stuff on it & is a fun website to navigate. Cane beard Richard Horodner - Follow veteran storm chaser Richard Horodner through some of the worst hurricanes to hit the U.S. Weatherman911 - Hurricane information from S.W. Florida. - Weather stations and weather instruments at affordable prices. - This site has just about every tool needed to track the tropics. Bobbi's hurricane Harbor A great writer expressing concerns in the weather business.
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