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About HurricaneCity

Jim Williams ... Jim Williams created HurricaneCity in 1997 at the time the site was called "jim's hurricane web" created at GeoCities but ended up registering the domain in 1998. The site is called HurricaneCity for several reasons, the City Database where you can search for your city or island to learn about it's hurricane history. Database Video. The second reason is the City Rankings where Jim has created a ranking scale for what cities & Islands get affected most by tropical systems in the entire Atlantic basin. Another reason for the name HurricaneCity are the predictions made at the beginning of each hurricane season for the top cities & Islands that Jim thinks are at high risk based on a simple mathematical formula. Since Jim started making city predictions in 2003 he has nailed at least 4 to 6 cities out of 20 each year that ended up getting hit. In 2005 on the hurricane season kickoff show Jim predicted almost exactly what happened as Katrina would hit mid season watch (3min). In 2018 and 2019 jim nailed all 5 of his top cities to be impacted. has been mentioned on T.V, radio,newspapers & several magazines check it out. Jim has been awarded over 100 professional developmental hours and counting at several National & State hurricane conferences since the early 2000s. Jim has also been in or near the core of 16 hurricanes and 10 Tropical Storms including getting in the eye of Catergory 5 hurricane Michael . Jim runs a paving business in South Florida since 1987 and tracks hurricanes with statistical input as a hobby since the late 1970s,holds no meteorology degree but if you really want to know whats going on without the hype keep checking back. Contact Jim
Chris Hollis ... Chris Hollis administers the HurricaneCity message board, tweaks the code at HurricaneCity as well as the recon data and model data that you see at HC & on Chris runs the website and we integrate some of his products at HurricaneCity. He is based in Tampa, Florida and provides a lot of valuable information when hurricanes threaten Florida. If there is an issue that is above our heads Chris has the technical knowledge to work out the kinks. The 5 best performing models script and some of the css on HurricaneCity were developed by Chris Hollis . For more information on the projects he is involved in please visit Hollis Innovations for your web based software needs. Contact Chris
Bill Phillips ... Bill Phillips joined HurricaneCity in 2004 after using the website for many years. Bill has recorded many of the video clips seen on the live broadcast's,helps find cams and news sources during weather events. Bill's specialty is scanner, ham radio and capturing live news sources that enhance the HurricaneCity broadcast. If the HurricaneCity broadcast ever goes down during a hurricane, Bill takes over from Virginia Beach with the latest info. Bill graduated from Old Dominion University in 2016 and hopes to be involved in emergency management for the disabled. Born with Cerebral palsy in 1982 and seeing the effects hurricanes have had on disabled people he has met throughout the years has led him to contribute to this effort. Multimedia content such as audio/video drew Bill as well as visual and hearing impaired people looking for hurricane information. At HC in 2007 | At home in 2012 | Speaking to high school students 2015 | intercept of hurricane Idalia
Our live stream and tropical update videos are seen by thousands daily when hurricanes are threatening land. HurricaneCity is equipped to ride out a hurricane & provide live video coverage during any hurricane with backup power

New... Database page. In 2020 ajusted the city database to 139 locations to improve even distance between cities Take a look.

The site is well respected in the hurricane community,here are just a few that link to HurricaneCity.

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So the next time a tropical storm or hurricane threatens a city pull up a chair & watch the action unfold. If a hurricane is headed to your city please prepare your home first. Please visit HurricaneCity again and if you loose this url just type HurricaneCity in any search engine to find it. This site can also be found by typing "hurricanecity Keywords..hurricane tracking, atlantic hurricane tracking, hurricane predictions.

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