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During this week back in...
For the period of September 8th through September 14th

Other Weeks:

  • 1900: The great Galveston Hurricane hits Texas during this week killing 6,000.
  • 1919: A hurricane hits Corpus Christi, Texas after pounding Key West, Florida.
  • 1926: A hurricane born in the Mid-Atlantic would later hit South Florida causing major damage.
  • 1928: A hurricane gaining strength would hit the Leeward Islands on the 12th, then hit Puerto Rico on the 13th & would later hit Palm Beach, Florida killing 2,000.
  • 1935: The famous Labor Day hurricane hits near Tampa with 85mph winds after first hitting the Keys as a cat 5 killing 600.
  • 1938: The Long Island express gains strength & accelerates towards the N.E. U.S.
  • 1960: Hurricane Donna hits Florida Keys on Sep. 10th then S.W. Florida & up the eastern seaboard killing 148.
  • 1961: Hurricane Carla hits Texas with 145mph winds killing 46 on Sep. 11th.
  • 1964: Hurricane Dora did several small loops before hitting St. Augustine, Florida on Sep. 9th.
  • 1965: Hurricane Betsy hits south tip of Florida on Sep. 8th & gets ready to hit Louisiana.
  • 1967: Beulah hits the south tip of the Dominican Republic as a major hurricane on the 11th.
  • 1974: Carmen hits Morgan City, Louisiana as a cat 1 on Sep. 8th killing 7.
  • 1979: Hurricane Frederic just began gaining strength on Sep. 11th ready to hit Alabama.
  • 1988: Hurricane Gilbert hits Jamaica on Sep. 12th with 115mph winds then later becomes a cat 5 with 185mph winds ready to hit the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • 1989: Hurricane Hugo is born in the Mid-Atlantic on Sep. 14th & taking aim at the Leeward Islands.
  • 1992: Hurricane Iniki in the Pacific is ready to hit Lihue, Hawaii with 140mph winds.
  • 1995: Hurricane Marilyn is born on Sep. 13th & would later hit St. Thomas.
  • 1996: Hurricane Hortense hits S.W. Puerto Rico as a cat 1 causing heavy damage.
  • 2017, Sep. 9th: Hurricane Irma hits north coast of Cuba with 160mph winds. The lower Florida Keys would be hit on the 10th with 130mph winds and then the west coast while weakening.