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Some recommended weather links

Track Typhoons HurricaneZone.net | Typhoon2000.com | Cyclonerita.com | Cazatormentas.net (Track systems near Spain) The Xtreme Weather - Weather for the extreme. A very cool site that monitors severe weather and occasionally has chase teams on the road. They also have some cool video archives too under Xtreme Videos and Infamous Storms. Jim Leonard, storm chaser (as seen on National Geographic) - Pictures of encounters with hurricanes & tornadoes. Weather Underground tropical page - The most used tropical site online by Jeff Masters. stormCARIB.com - Cane reports from the Caribbean Hurricane Network. Tropmet.com Michael Laca hurricane tracker & storm chaser based in Miami. Todd Sherman, member of Alachua county Florida skywarn has very useful links.

Moreweather.com - Terry Faber's, a University of Miami weather & hurricane researcher, Atlantic basin tropical weather page. Central Florida Hurricane Center Central Florida Hurricane Center - A very good frequently updated hurricane information page. Tornado Scapes - See artist Shawn Selders drawings of Tornadoes. Weather Awareness Resource Network Get your free disaster brochures here. Crown Weather Services - Original graphical model layouts (future global model tracks). Hurricaneville - A hurricane information site brought to you by Greg Machos of Greg's Weather Center. This site does it all from interviews to current tracking information. Brohav Weather Fax - Hurricane information for Barbados & the eastern Caribbean
Weather Sites

Julie Lake, author of "Galveston's Summer of the Storm" - This book tells the story of the major hurricane that hit Galveston in 1900 through the eyes of a 14 year old girl. Fred Furneaux's weather page - Fred has a page set up with old newspaper articles related to major weather events. Florida Vacation Guide - We will be using these guys on our live video feed when Hurricanes hit. Home Town Weather - A Florida based website located in Port St Lucie. This website has just about every Florida related weather link available on it, with cams as well. Harrison NJ weather - Harrison Weather Center from New Jersey with observations & cams. mdweather.com from Batavia, Illinois - Mark Davis does a great job with this weather website. It has a lot of weather related stuff on it & is a fun website to navigate. Island radio links - Caribbean Island radio stations can be found here. HurricaneTrack.com - Watch as Mark Sudduth chases hurricanes. Doug Kiesling, storm chaser - Follow veteran storm chaser Doug Kiesling through some of natures worst weather. Gulf Hurricanes Blog - On Kenneth Lamb's Gulf Coast blog you will get it all here when hurricanes threaten the northern Gulf coast. Weatherman911 - Hurricane information from S.W. Florida. WeatherShack.com - Weather stations and weather instruments at affordable prices. TropicalAtlantic.com - This site has just about every tool needed to track the tropics. AdriansWeather.com - A south Florida based hurricane tracker, with a great website. MidAtlanticHurricanes.com - Learn about all of the damaging hurricanes that have hit the Mid-Atlantic states. Atlantic Tropical Weather Center - NHC forecaster Eric Blake, one of the first online. Internet Partnership Radio - Weather talk radio. High Speed Dirt - Chaser Steve Sponsler based in central Florida. Derek Sibley talks tropics - Based in south Florida. Does update videos at YouTube. Regional Hurricane Center - Based in Puerto Rico. We'll be watching this one when they get hit. Driving in Bad Weather - Car Tips Hurricane Connect - Local hurricane fanatic Derek Sibley's hurricane site. Bobbi's hurricane Harbor A great writer expressing concerns in the weather business.
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Non weather related links

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