Providing hurricane statistics for cities in the Atlantic basin for over 20 years
Sun, Oct 17, 2021 at 9:37 PM

During this week back in...
For the period of September 22nd through September 28th

Other Weeks:

  • 1886: A hurricane hits north Texas as a cat 1.
  • 1896: A hurricane hits Jamaica on Sep. 25th & then the Big Bend region of Florida as a cat 2 on Sep. 29th.
  • 1929: A hurricane hits the Upper Keys on Sep. 28th.
  • 1932: A hurricane forms in the mid Atlantic & would later hit Puerto Rico on the 27th & then the Dominican Republic.
  • 1935: Hurricane hits west central Cuba on the 28th, then Grand Bahama Island on the 29th.
  • 1941: Hurricane forms in Caribbean & would later hit Honduras on the 28th.
  • 1953: Hurricane Florence hits the Florida Panhandle on Sep. 26th.
  • 1954: Hurricane Gelda Hits northern Mexico on the 25th.
  • 1955: Hurricane Ione hits North Carolina.
  • 1955: Hurricane Janet hits the Windward Islands on the 23rd & would later hit Belize as a major hurricane on the 28th.
  • 1956: Hurricane Flossy hits Florida Panhandle on the 25th.
  • 1963: Hurricane Edith hits the Leeward Islands as a cat 2, then Dominican Republic as a cat 1.
  • 1963: Flora is born on the 26th in the ITCZ. It would later kill thousands in Haiti.
  • 1966: Hurricane Inez hits the Leeward Islands as a cat 3 on the 28th.
  • 1975: Eloise hits Florida Panhandle as a cat 3 on the 22nd.
  • 1987: Hurricane Emily hits the Dominican Republic as a cat 3 on the 22nd.
  • 2002, Sep. 22nd: Major Hurricane Isidore moves south hitting the Yucatan Peninsula with 125mph winds causing very heavy damage near Merida, Mexico. On the 26th it would hit near New Orleans with 65mph winds.
  • 2004, Sep. 26th: Hurricane Jeanne hits the Treasure Coast of Florida with 115mph winds.
  • 2005, Sep. 24th: Hurricane Rita hits SW Louisiana & NE Texas causing heavy damage as a cat 3.