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Cam Instruments

This shot shows our live videocam with weather instruments below. The instruments measure wind speed & direction.(Instruments are unobstructed)

Rain Bucket

This is the rain bucket measuring device. It is located approx 8ft above the roof line in open space to allow accurate rainfall readings.

Wireless Vantage Pro instruments

Wireless Vantage Pro instruments are 33ft above ground and above the house & tree lines.

View of tower

This shot is from ground level facing up. The tower is poured in concrete & mounted to a second floor roof truss heavy duty bracket.

View of tower

This shot is taken facing south. Notice the guide wires thick cable with double lines running from the east and North.

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STATUS: When tropical systems hit the HurricaneCity home base in Delray Beach, Florida we will be streaming the IP towercam on live stream below. Jim Williams may also be on the road with dash cam streaming live as well as our remote webcam set up on a beach. All of these cameras will be shown in combination with complete coverage media, radars, etc. If a hurricane hits the SE U.S. Jim Williams will be on the road with the dash cam & remote cam streaming live on the hurricane warning show.

Our weather obs on Weather Underground


Bellmore Long Island obs | just north Lake worth,FL obs

Current Status.... Instruments have been replaced 7/20/23
Last Storm Date.... Nov 10th,2022
Name.... Hurricane Nicole hits Vero beach
Highest Wind Gust.... 38mph from the N.E
Lowest Pressure Recorded.... 995mb
Storm Rainfall Total.... Approximately 1.88 inches

Frances tree downed (pre towercam 2004) | Katrina towercam video (Aug. 2005), T.S. conditions | Towercam video of Wilma, Oct. 24th, 2005 (2m 30sec) | Long narrated version of Wilma towercam video | Spider on cam during thunderstorm (May 2006) | Jan. 17th, 2016 squall line | Oct. 7th, 2016, Hurricane Matthew, 60 miles to NE | Severe weather 1/23/17, 51mph | Hurricane Irma, Sep. 10th, 2017

Delray Beach Map
IP cam

The IP cam can be positioned south, east and north.

View of tower

This is a side view of the tower facing west as the sun is setting. This is the primary direction in which the winds will be blowing towards in most hurricane conditions.

View of tower

This image is from across the street in the direction that the cam usually faces.What you usually see is where this shot was taken from.

View of tower

This is the concrete slab that is 6 FT deep with rebar steel rods as reinforcement. The tower is heavily grounded as well.The instruments & cam have generator backup to continue recording during hurricane conditions.

Approval Letter

This is the letter of approval from the homeowners association to allow the tower placed in 2003.


Here is the permit issued to construct the tower approved by the city in 2003.

Cam Location