Providing hurricane statistics for cities in the Atlantic basin for over 25 years
Sun, May 19, 2024 at 6:00 PM

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Have you ever been in hurricane or other significant disaster and wondered how the media covered it? Many people will loose power during the event that can last for weeks or longer after a hurricane and not see how it was covered during the event. We will also record screen shots of radars and maps from software programs extracting data as it happens. Since 2000 we have covered many of these disasters seen on our video archives page with over 120 shows & counting.

Since the late 1990s has provided statistical data for many coastal cities on our city database

What cities get hit most by hurricanes and tropical storms? we have the answers

Since 2003 Jim's predictions have been very good nailing on average 3 of his top 5 city picks and nearly half of the top 20 take a look

Since 1998 the first website to stream live hurricane coverage starting with audio then eventually live video in the early to mid 2000s which now takes place on our social networks. We even broadcast nightly discussions before hurricanes hit with some details you may not find on your local news. Here is our coverage of Hurricane Michael in 2018 from the heart of the impacted areas.

Please help to keep this great project going $20.00 or more annually gets you my pre season city predictions and updates throughout the year.

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