Sarasota,Florida's history with tropical systems
current weather
(br)=brush (ts)=Tropical Storm (bd)=Back Door,meaning coming from over land from opposite coast.Not all names are noted,also storms before 1950 were not named.Not every stat on every storm description is given(since 1871).

Years within or near core
1951tsbr,1953br,1959tsbr,1960bdm,1966,1968ts,1968br,1974subts,1988ts,1990ts,1994tsbr,1998tsbr,1999tsbr,2000tsbr,2001ts,2004brm,2004bdtsbr,2004bdbr,2007ts,2016tsbr,2017ts,2017,2020tsbr,2021br,(2022m,2022bdts not in stats)
70 times in 150yrs end of 2021

Names from list above

Tropical Storm to Hurricane ratio
TS=43, 61.43% H=27, 38.57%

Longest gap between storms
13 years 1975-1987

How often this area gets affected?
brushed or hit every 2.14 years

Average years between direct hurricane hits.(hurricane force winds for a few hours)
(16h)once every 9.38 years state stats

Average years between major hurricane hits.(3)
once every 50 years

Average MPH of hurricane hits. (based on advisories sustained winds, not gusts)
101 mph

Statistically when this area should be affected next
hit in 2022

Last affected by
2022 November 10th Tropical storm Nicole passes to north with 50mph winds while moving N.W

This areas hurricane past
1888 Aug 17th,85mph from the ESE just south
1894 sept 25th a hurricane with 90mph from the south dumps over 12 inches of rain with high tides causes heavy damage here as it passes to the east
1910 Oct 18th,85mph from the SSW just east
1921 Oct 25th, 105mph from the S.W just north
1925 Nov 30th 75mph winds from the S.W
1926 Sept 18th,120mph just south from the ESE
1929 Sept 29th,105mph from the S.E just south
1935 sept 3rd labor day keys hurricane passed approx 25 miles to the west of here while moving north with 110mph winds ,storm surge was not a factor ,here due to offshore winds
1941 Oct 6th, 105mph from the S.E just west
1944 Oct 19th a huge hurricane with 105mph winds from the south heavy storm surge flooding.
1945 Sept 16th,110mph just east from the south
1946 october 7th ,85mph from the SSW press 28.95 overall minor damage
1950 Sept 4th,hurricane Easy just west with 125mph winds from the south causes 7 ft storm surge. hit map
1960 Hurricane Donna hits from the south with 120mph winds Sept 10th,gusts to 120mph winds & sustained at 80mph . Water was pulled out of all bays & inlets and brought back in when she pulled north causing heavy damage here. more here | NHC Wallet
1966 June 9th Hurricane Alma 105mph just west from the south. NHC Wallet
2017 Sept 10th Hurricane Irma passes 35 miles to the east while moving north with 100mph winds. Power outage photos before & after | Best performing models 5 days before hit | Long range GEFS many days out | Best track data | USGS surge info | Radar animation (Brian McNoldy)
2022 Sept 28th Hurricane Ian passes just southeast by 39 miles at closest approach with 140mph winds while moving slowly NNE hit map

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