Providing hurricane statistics for cities in the Atlantic basin for over 25 years
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During this week back in...
For the period of September 15th through September 21st

Other Weeks:

  • 1894: Leeward Islands hit by a cat 3 on the 20th, then Dominican Republic north shore as a cat 2 on the 22nd and would later hit Cuba & Florida on the 24th & 25th.
  • 1903, Sep. 15th: A cat 1 hits the New Jersey area.
  • 1906, Sep. 17th: South Carolina gets hit by a cat 2.
  • 1909: West Cuba gets hit by a cat 1 on Sep. 17th, then later Louisiana as a cat 2 on Sep. 21st.
  • 1910: A cat 1 hits south Texas on Sep. 15th.
  • 1919: A cat 1 hits south Texas on Sep. 15th.
  • 1920: A cat 2 is moving into central Louisiana on the 21st & 22nd.
  • 1922, Sep. 16th: A cat 2 hits the Leeward & Virgin Islands.
  • 1924, Sep. 16th: A cat 1 hits the Florida Panhandle near Panama City.
  • 1926: A cat 4 hits the Bahamas as well as south Florida on Sep. 16th. Another hit in south Florida as a cat 4 on the 18th.
  • 1928, Sep. 16th: The Bahamas are nailed by a cat 4 & Palm Beach, Florida as a cat 4 on the 17th.
  • 1933: A cat 2 clips N Carolina on Sep. 16th.
  • 1945: Bahamas hit by a cat 3 Sep. 15th, then south Florida as a cat 4 on Sep. 16th.
  • 1955: Ione hits N.C. on the 19th with gusts to 110mph.
  • 1959: Gracie is born on the 20th near the Dominican Republic.
  • 1960: Ethel hits Louisiana on the 16th as a cat 1 after earlier being a cat 5.
  • 1967: Beulah hits the Yucatan peninsula on the 16th as a major hurricane & on the 21st would hit Brownsville, Texas with 110mph winds with gusts to 170mph.
  • 1974: Fifi, a cat 2, hits Belize on Sep. 19th.
  • 1978: Greta hits Honduras on Sep. 18th as a cat 4, then hits Belize as a cat 2 on the 19th.
  • 1984: Diana hits Outer Banks N.C. on the 15th with 125mph winds, gusts to 155mph, many tornadoes.
  • 1988: Gilbert hits the N.E. Yucatan on Sep. 16th as a cat 4 after being a cat 5. Next hit was northern Mexico as a cat 4 on the 17th.
  • 1989: Hugo hits the Leeward & Virgin Islands as a cat 4 on the 17th, then hits S Carolina as a cat 4 causing very heavy damage on the 22nd.
  • 1993: Gert hits near Tampico, Mexico as a cat 2 on the 20th.
  • 1995: Marilyn hits the Leeward Islands as a cat 1, then the Virgin Islands as a cat 2 causing heavy damage Sep. 16th.
  • 1999: Floyd hits the Bahamas hard Sep. 14th & 15th as a cat 4, then hits N Carolina Sep. 16th causing very heavy flooding.
  • 2002: Isidore is born near Jamaica on Sep. 18th & would later hit the Yucatan peninsula as a cat 3.
  • 2002: Tropical Storm Lili is born Sep. 21st in the ITCZ & would later hit the Caribbean & U.S.
  • 2003: Hurricane Isabel hits the Outer Banks of N Carolina on Sep. 18th with 100mph winds while moving NW. Heavy flooding & coastal damage was widespread & killing 23. Note Isabel was a cat 5 North of Puerto Rico.
  • 2004, Sep. 16th: Hurricane Ivan hits Gulf Shores, Alabama with 130mph winds causing very heavy damage here & in Pensacola, Florida.
  • 2005, Sep. 18th: Rita develops in the SE Bahamas & would later devastate SW Louisiana.
  • 2010, Sep. 17th: Hurricane Karl hits near Veracruz with 120mph winds.
  • 2010, Sep. 20th: Hurricane Igor approaches Bermuda as a cat 1. On the 21st would hit St. John's, Newfoundland with 75mph winds.
  • 2017: Hurricane Maria hits Dominica Sept 19th with 160mph winds the next day would hit St. Croix & Puerto Rico with 155mph winds.
  • 2020: Hurricane Sally hits Gulf Shores Alabama Sept 16th with 105mph winds.
  • 2022: Hurricane Fiona hits near Ponce, Puerto Rico with 85mph winds on the 18th & on the 20th hits Turks & Caicos islands as a cat 3 with 115mph winds..
  • 2023: Hurricane Lee weakens to post tropical cyclone while hitting western Nova Scotia with 70mph winds on Sept 16th.