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1999 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.

Hurricane Bret

  • Corpus Christi, Texas: As of the morning on Monday, August 23rd, reports of only minor damage. However, there is heavy crop damage to cotton fields in the millions due to heavy rain.
  • Baffin Bay, Texas: Unconfirmed heavy damage reports to homes.
  • Falfurrias, Texas: Mayor reports heavy damage with roofs blown off & debris in streets as of Monday morning.
  • Kingsville, Texas: Tornado touches down quickly breaking some windows & flipping over soda machines at a local Walmart store.
  • Port Mansfield, Texas: Heavy mobile home damage.

Hurricane Dennis

  • Abaco Island, Bahamas: Reports of heavy flooding & crop damage. Wide spread power outages. The road to Sea Side Villas is washed away from the storm surge. Lots of trees are down. Surfside rental home burned down the day after the hurricane. Two power boats at Orchid Bay Marina had damage to them. Two sailboats broke from their mooring during the storm and are damaged.
  • St. Augustine, Florida: Surfers body found.
  • Richlands, North Carolina: 2 men killed in head on collision on rain slick road.
  • Wilmington, North Carolina (New Hanover): Power outages on beaches. 2 power poles down causing outages (56,000). Minor beach erosion as Dennis passed 50 miles to the east. Damages so far $217,000.
  • Nags Head, North Carolina: August 30th: Reports of shingles blowing off roofs & powerful waves causing erosion.
  • Hamby Beach, south of Wilmington, North Carolina: 1 home had roof blown off.
  • New Bern, North Carolina: Neuse River overflows.
  • Southeast Virginia: 22,500 without power on August 30th.
  • Ocracoke Island (Outer Banks), North Carolina: Reports of 5 feet of standing water.
  • Cape Hatteras to Nags Head, North Carolina: September 3rd: Residents return after being evacuated due to pounding surf cutting roads in half & stranding residents.
  • Hampton, Virginia: Tornado touches down injuring 5 and causing heavy damage to several structures on Dennis re-entry as a tropical storm in North Carolina.

Hurricane Floyd

  • Nassau, Bahamas: Many trees down, power lines down and some roof shingles blown off. Some hotels flooded. 70,000 without power.
  • San Salvador Island: Riding Rock Inn had heavy damage.
  • Cat Island: 3 medical clinics badly damaged. Entire island without power. Main road washed out by storm surge.
  • Eleuthera Island: Reports of moderate to heavy damage on north end. 25% of buildings had roof damage. 1% totally destroyed.
  • Abaco Island: Very heavy damage, the most here since Hurricane Betsy in 1965. 10% of homes destroyed. 40% badly damaged.
  • Grand Bahama Island: Some roof tiles blown off & some trees down but overall minor damage.
  • Florida:

    • Daytona Beach: Pier destroyed.
    • Flagler Beach: Pier damaged.
    • Jacksonville: Pier damaged.

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Some flooding & broken signs but overall minor damage. Peak gust 71mph.
  • North Carolina:

    • Wilmington: Some flooding (I-40 flooded in some locations) but overall minor damage. Up to 20 inches of rain in some locations. 62 mph for 2 min, peak gust 86mph. Kure Beach peak gust 112mph.
    • Morehead City: U.S. Route 70 flooded in some locations caused by heavy rain & leftover water from Dennis.
    • Wrightsville Beach: Had massive beach erosion, worst since Hazel in 1954.
    • Kinston: Heavy flooding with wastewater plants under water causing serious health concerns.
    • New Bern: Neuse River way above flood stage, many homes damaged by flooding from rain & storm surge.

      Before NC flood After NC flood

    • Oak Island: Reports of heavy damage to homes, over 100 severely damaged.
    • Tarboro: Very heavy flooding as most casualties so far have come from this area (32) as of September 21st. Most homes flooded to roofs in nearby Princeville. Tar River 24 feet above flood stage.

  • Virginia:

    • Virginia Beach & surrounding areas: Areas along Chesapeake Bay report flooding from swirling wind as center of Floyd passes over.
    • Franklin & surrounding areas: Reports of homes flooded up to roofs.

  • Bound Brook, New Jersey: Very heavy flooding with many stranded in homes.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Over a foot of rain drenches the area setting flood records.
  • Providence, Rhode Island: Power outages in hospitals causes 1 fatality.
  • Delaware: 2 children killed in flood sewer.

Tropical Storm Harvey

  • Naples, Florida: Up to 10 inches of rain fell here causing flooding in streets.
  • Florida City, Florida: A few power lines down & minor flooding. Areas north in Miami generally had less than 5 inches, 50mph winds.
  • Turkey Point, South Miami-Dade County: 61mph wind gust.

Tropical Depression Eleven

  • Teziutlan, Mexico: As of October 9th flooding and mudslides have killed at least 293 people, and authorities expect to find many more bodies as they dig into the soft mud that in some cases covers entire neighborhoods, and as reports come in from remote mountain areas where the rains have been hardest. The number of dead "is rising by the hour," Zedillo said during a visit to Teziutlan, 110 miles east of Mexico City.
  • Mexican states of Veracruz, Tabasco and Oaxaca: 450,000 without power & 50,000 without water.
  • Town of Mixum: A school is buried under mud with 12 children & several adults known to be killed.

Hurricane Irene

  • Cuba:

    • Isle of Youth: Many trees down with heavy rain.
    • Havana: 12 inches of rain as streets look like rivers. Eye calm reported as of 6pm on Thursday, October 14th. 13 homes report damage. 2 fatalities reported in Cuba.

  • Florida:

    • Marathon: Power lines down, some poles knocked down & some flooding.
    • Key West: Heavy street flooding from storm surge.
    • Homestead: Some windows broken, many trees down & heavy flooding. Gusts to 86mph at Homestead Air Force Base.
    • Miami: Heavy flooding, especially inland. 1 roof blown off a condominium. 3 men injured in truck due to falling debris. 1 man injured walking down sidewalk by falling debris.
    • Hallandale: 350ft freighter washes up on beach around 6:30pm.
    • Weston: 4 killed standing in water with electrical line near.
    • Cooper City: 1 boy killed standing in water with electric line.
    • Fort Lauderdale: Water spout hits Elbo Room bar breaking windows, 6 sent to hospital with cuts, flips 2 cars outside. Nearby roof blown off. 1 home in Broward County reports roof blown off.
    • Coral Springs: 1 man killed in truck found in canal.
    • Boynton Beach: Up to 15 inches of rain in some areas with heavy flooding, gusts to 69mph.
    • Jupiter: Numerous reports have been received regarding downed trees and power lines.
    • Stuart - Fort Pierce: Unsafe conditions exist due to flooding and downed power lines, they have major power outages, minor flooding in low lying areas and some trees down.
    • Vero Beach: Reports trees down with no roads blocked, minimal flooding at mobile home parks with one mobile home roof blown off, about a third of the county is without power, and no reports of injuries.

  • North Carolina: Eastern North Carolina is deluged with 11 more inches of rain in some areas causing the Neuse & Tar rivers to once again rise way above flood stage after nearly getting back down to flood stage. 1 man killed while driving into tree during worst weather. Irene never hit here as closest passage was to Wilmington 60 miles to the west of the center.

Hurricane Jose, Oct. 19th through 20th

  • Antigua: Power lines down & some roof damage as some gusts were near 100mph. (unconfirmed 125mph) Area had calm, English Harbour on east side of island reports flooding. Some vessels have been damaged. 14 injured by flying debris.
  • Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis: Some roof tiles blown off & many trees down. Nearly 11 inches of rain fell here.
  • Sint Maarten: Reports of minor damage. 75mph winds, gusts to 100mph. Many trees down.
  • Virgin Islands: No reports of hurricane force winds. High winds just east & north of island.

Hurricane Lenny

  • Puerto Rico: Very heavy rains pound the island for 3 straight days. 1 person killed in high seas here.
  • Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands: Lenny brushed just south on Nov. 17th with 150mph winds. Windows shattered at the Claude O. Markoe elementary school shelter on Saint Croix. Unconfirmed 15 foot storm surge. Fish market & cruise ship pier damaged.
  • Saint Martin: 1 man killed as wall falls on him. Eye stalled over island on evening of Nov. 18th. La Samanna, heavy beach damage. Grand Case power poles down. In Dutch Sint Maarten 3 were killed, 2 by flying debris & 1 in a mudslide. Dozens of roofless homes and knee-high floodwaters in Philipsburg, the capital. The island was without electricity or water. 30% of all boats were damaged, faring much better than the 70% lost during Hurricane Luis. In Marigot Bay two tall ships, Nausica and Sir Francis Drake, reportedly had disappeared completely by morning, despite being tied up to cruise ship moorings while the crews were ashore.
  • Saba (Netherlands): The airport tower was severely damaged, as were several structures.
  • Anguilla: 100 tourists moved from flooded hotels. Some hotels reported severe beach erosion. Parts of The Valley, Anguilla's capital, were under 14 feet of water late Friday. 30 families have been left homeless.
  • Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis: Hit by swells of over 20 feet, some houses on seaside Low Street, next to the battered Charlestown Harbour, washed into the sea. Charlestown dock underwater.
  • Saint Kitts, Saint Kitts and Nevis: Waves smashed at least four concrete homes. Road network suffered severe damage from flooding and wave action. The Hotel plant suffered water damage except Bird Rock Hotel which had extensive structural damage and flooding. Total damage in Saint Kitts in U.S. dollars, $41,423,704.00.
  • Antigua: Over 10 inches of rain falls on the island. Reported sightings of tornadoes and mud slides by residents in the village of Falmouth in the south-east of Antigua, Cay & Village Roads have either been blocked by debris, utility poles or flood waters. Some roads have also been eroded. Severe flooding in Crabbe Hill area. Overall most damage from flooding, limited wind damage.
  • Barbuda: 65% of island is under water. 95% of crops destroyed.
  • Guadeloupe: 400 left homeless by flood waters.
  • Dominica: Over 30 homes destroyed by high seas, extensive damage to west-facing beaches.
  • Martinique: 50 homes destroyed on north coast & many flooded. Huge waves pounded the island.
  • Saint Lucia: 70 homes washed into the sea by huge waves. Baron Drive was the hardest hit, with residents not only losing their homes but being unable to save anything. Restaurants, dive shops, motels, gasoline stations and jetties were affected.
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Huge waves batter the coast as 1 fuel station cracks in half. Seven homes collapsed under the fury of the pounding waves Wednesday leaving around 20 people homeless. It was impossible to distinguish between the sea and the land in the Bequia capital of Port Elizabeth.
  • Grenada: Twelve persons are reported injured in Grenada, as huge waves pounded the west coast. The waves Wednesday destroyed several houses in the west coast fishing town of Gouyave, leaving about a dozen families homeless. Waves of up to 12 feet have been pounding the country's west coast. Sections of the 20-mile-long western main road that links the capital, St. George's, to important agricultural districts were destroyed.