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2005 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.


Hurricane Beta (Nicaragua)

  • Sandy Bay, Nicaragua: Flooding & roof damage reported.
  • Providencia Island, Nicaragua: Damage on Providencia, an island of 5,000 residents located 210 kilometers east of the Nicaraguan coast, was serious but there had been no fatalities.
  • San Andres Island: A lot of destruction reported.

Hurricane Wilma, 22 deaths

  • Florida:

    • Martin County: Hit & miss damage. Most of area power restored days after Wilma.
    • Palm Beach County: Southern portions of county hit the worst. Boca Raton, many poles down & a lot of roof damage. Most without power throughout the county days after Wilma.
    • Broward County: Hardest hit county with numerous power poles snapped & a lot of roof damage.
    • Miami-Dade County: Moderate to extensive damage, hit & miss locations throughout the county. Most without power days after landfall.
    • Lake Okeechobee area: Thousand left homeless. Heavy damage in many communities, especially on south & east sides of lake.
    • Monroe County: Florida Keys report surge 5 to 10 feet in some locations. Estimate of nearly half of Key West had surge flooding. Many very expensive homes in Key West are unlivable.
    • Naples: Moderate damage, many without power. Hit & miss on home damage, but buildings that were had extensive damage. On October 24th, 2005, Hurricane Wilma hits from the southwest with 125mph winds while moving very quickly. Wilma came ashore just south which kept the surge in Naples to a minimum. Naples and East Naples had widespread damage of pool cages and patios. Two condominium towers in the city sustained $135 million in damage. Another condominium building, the Stratford at Pelican Bay in North Naples, was also heavily damaged, officials said. The Naples Zoo was heavily damaged and won't open for a month or two, director Larry Tetzlaff said. A wallaby died from stress while being moved before the storm and some other animals escaped during the hurricane, but were recaptured, he said. No more than 1,000 homes appear to have roof damage.

  • Yucatan, Mexico: 7 dead as of October 23rd in Mexico as Wilma hits as a category 4 for over 24 hours. Reports of heavy damage to hotels & many other structures. Heavy surge flooding in many areas of up to 6 feet.
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico: Over 1,000 homes badly damaged. Water up to 3 floors high in condos.
  • Jamaica: 6 killed from heavy rains while Wilma is developing. Ninety-nine per cent of the gullies and drains are damaged and another 48 percent of the road network is damaged, the mayor explained.

Hurricane Stan, Mexico, October 4th, 80mph (deaths 1,153)

  • Nicaragua: 9 killed in storm related deaths.
  • Guatemala: 50 people were confirmed dead by mudslides. Most major rivers overflowed their banks.
  • Veracruz, Mexico: Veracruz to Mexico City toll closed due to high water. Historic center of downtown Veracruz was flooded. Two men drowned in floodwaters while trying to cross streams and another died in the port city of Veracruz, apparently while trying to help others.
  • Alvarado, Mexico: Landslide closes road from Alvarado to Tlacopan.
  • Oaxaca, Mexico: Married couple who were killed Wednesday in a landslide in the southern state of Oaxaca.
  • Juan Diaz Covarrubias, Mexico: 200 meter stretch washed out between Juan Diaz Covarrubias and Acayucan.

Hurricane Rita, 119 dead (unconfirmed as of October 5th, 2005)

  • Harris County, Texas: In Harris County, the medical examiner's office has attributed 33 deaths to Hurricane Rita, which made landfall Saturday morning at Sabine Pass in southeast Texas.
  • Cameron, Louisiana: Homes in coastal communities wiped clean, nothing but slabs. Roughly 10% of buildings left standing. Many cattle reported dead.
  • Humphreys County, Mississippi: Trailer home lands on person, killing that person.
  • Beaumont, Texas: City of 114,000. The few people who stayed behind emerged to find some blown out windows, damaged roofs, signs twisted and lying in the street and scattered downed trees. There was some standing water, but no significant flooding.
  • Lake Charles, Louisiana: Overpass collapses. Mayor Randy Roach says there is extensive wind damage and that it is practically impossible to get through the city. Storm surge is still a problem. Bor du Lac Drive is flooded over onto Lakeshore Drive. Five confirmed deaths in 1 home due to carbon monoxide poisoning from running a generator inside home. Barge breaks loose from moorings. Airport reports heavy damage.
  • New Iberia, Louisiana: Cars underwater in New Iberia.
  • Galveston, Texas: Fires break out, several buildings destroyed. Roof rips off apartment complex.
  • Marathon, Florida: 2 feet of water from surge in streets.

Hurricane Ophelia

  • Brunswick County, North Carolina: A 50-foot section of beachfront road in Ocean Isle Beach was washed out by heavy surf. The bridge to the barrier island is closed.
  • Carteret County, North Carolina: Most without power with power lines down. Fishing pier half destroyed. Flooding similar to Isabel.
  • Salter Path, west of Morehead City: Many buildings destroyed by surge from the east.

Hurricane Katrina, estimated death toll 1,883

  • Mississippi (over 220 killed):

    • Gulfport: Heavy damage to most coastal structures from storm surge up to 30 feet. Memorial Hospital heavily damaged.
    • Biloxi: Over 100 killed by storm surge during height of storm. 30 in one apartment complex alone. Casinos completely destroyed. Storm surge reported near 35 feet.
    • Pass Christian: Very heavy damage to most buildings. Complete devastation.
    • Bay St. Louis: Main bridge over bay knocked out. County courthouse wall collapsed. Extremely heavy damage.

  • Louisiana (over 1,000 killed & still counting):

    • Pilottown (southeast tip of Louisiana): Nearly every building suffers between 50% & 100% damage.
    • St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana (east of New Orleans): Nearly every home flooded with many completely flooded. Casualties could be in the thousands.
    • New Orleans: Flooding in most of the city, with sporadic wind damage. Entire city evacuated after hurricane. Many deaths unknown. 9 deaths reported as of 2:30 p.m. August 28th.

  • Florida:

    • Fort Lauderdale: Swap shop tents blown down. Davie mobile home park reported damaged. Semi truck flipped over on overpass. Elderly woman struck by tree limb & killed.
    • Pompano Beach: Some reports of roofs blown off.
    • Dania Beach: Several businesses had windows blown in. Many trees down and signs down.
    • Hallandale Beach: Steeple blown off church.
    • Miami: Overpass collapses, no injuries.
    • Marathon: Tornado damages hangar at airport with 2 homes damaged, one partially unroofed.
    • Key West: Significant flooding from southerly winds & heavy rains.

Hurricane Emily, July 13th to 17th, Grenada (90mph), Cozumel / Tulum (135mph), northeast Mexico (125mph), 12 deaths

  • Damaged great part of the infrastructure highway in 19 municipalities in northeast Mexico.
  • San Fernando, Mexico: Mainland northeast Mexico. A weakened Hurricane Emily triggered flooding outside Mexico's third largest city on Wednesday night, after demolishing homes, toppling trees and sparking thousands of evacuations on the northern Gulf coast. The wind peeled metal roofs off houses and flooded fields, making the highway look like a dike across a sea.
  • Tamaulipas state, Mexico: Some people had to be evacuated on Wednesday night because of a rain-swollen river. As many as 80 to 90% of homes are destroyed.
  • Carbonera, Mexico: Many of those who had been evacuated returned to find their homes destroyed. Impromptu lakes of floodwaters were everywhere.
  • This following list of damaged hotels in Cozumel is unconfirmed from a message forum:

    • Riu Palace: 8 ton buoy on the beach. Vegetation stripped. 1st floor rooms flooded. Glass above lobby bar broken.
    • Riu Yucatan: Lots of debris. Sand around building blocks. Large trees in pool. Beach 1/2 the size it was.
    • Riu Tequila: Pool is closed. Damage to gardens. 60% of the restaurants and bars are open. Gradually getting back to operations.
    • Secrets Excellence: Damage to some windows in the Excellence Club. Excellence Club area is closed for a few days. 3 of 7 restaurants have damage and are closed. Should accept guests by Tuesday.
    • Secrets Capri: In a clean up mode, minimal damage. 100% functional.
    • Sunscape Puerto Aventuras: A few rooms are damaged. Two outdoor restaurants are damaged. Still assessing damages but resort is NOT open. Guests will be sent to Dreams in Cancun, Secrets Excellence or Secrets Capri.
    • Sunscape Tulum: Broken windows in oceanfront rooms and outdoor restaurant. 1 restaurant lost it's roof. Beach erosion. Open by 7/20.
    • *NOTE* Even though they are adults only properties, both Capri and Excellence ARE accepting families that have been displaced by the closing of the Sunscape Puerto Aventuras for as long as necessary.
    • Iberostar Maya: Debris. Lobby damaged. Beach erosion.
    • Iberostar Paraiso Beach / Del Mar: 2 restaurants are damaged. Lobby bar damaged. Beach erosion. Kids club and convention center closed.
    • Iberostar Tucan / Quetzal: Least amount of damage of all the IB*'s. Pool and beach has debris. Kids club and restaurant damaged.
    • It will take about a week to fully clean up the above IB* resorts but they are accepting guests.
    • Iberostar Cozumel: Badly damaged. Closed for several months.
    • Occidental Grand Cozumel: Closed until December.
    • Palladium: Closed. Should reopen in a week, perhaps a little more.
    • Omni Puerto Aventuras: Closed until 8/8.
    • Copacabana: The eye passed over this hotel. No roof in the lobby. Not sure if they are closed but I would imagine so.
    • Bahia Principe Tulum / Akumal: Closed for 15 days.
    • El Dorado Seaside Suites: Water damage. Vegetation stripped. Open by 7/21, will be 75% operational.
    • El Dorado Royale: Open by 7/21, will be 100% operational.
    • Reef Coco Beach: Lots of debris. Lots of roof damage. Most of roof and lots of sand in the pool. Buffet restaurant destroyed.
    • Barcelo Maya: No power or water. No phones. Theater almost destroyed. Many chandeliers fell. Lots of downed trees. *Should* be up and running in 72 hours.
    • Aventura Spa Palace: Closed until further notice. Guests moved to Moon Palace or Palace properties in Cancun.
    • Xpu Ha Palace: Closed for 8-10 weeks. Guests moved to Moon Palace or Palace properties in Cancun.
    • Akumal Beach Resort: Could be closed for 2 months (??)
    • Akumal: The damage was minor in comparison to what it could have been. The snack bar only lost about 4 meters of roof, and the Lolha Restaurant just one section of palapa roof by the pizzeria. Lots of windows broken at Las Casitas reception. Lots of downed light posts along the road to Yalku. Lots of damage at the Ecological Center, all doors and windows blown out apparently and the staff apartments that had palapa are blown off. It appears that there was little storm surge, so most water damage was from lost roofing. A huge amount of damage to trees and large areas denuded of vegetation.

  • Playa Aventura, Mexico: Many homes heavily damaged.
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico: Boats and debris lay spread in a street of Playa del Carmen.
  • Playacar, Mexico: Reports very little damage in that area, mostly vegetation, but little structural damage. Some water came into the first floor area, but even the satellite dish stayed up. Outside it seems most of Playa del Carmen and Playacar 1 is in pretty good shape.
  • Cozumel, Mexico: Some power lines down, branches in the streets, but apparently little or no water damage. There was no tidal surge at all. The Villa Aldora suffered a little water in the Courtyard Norte, Barracuda Suite, and Cameron Suite, due mostly to wind driven rain.
  • Quintas del Carmen, Mexico: Two men injured from a tree, houses got heavy damage, snapped concrete utility poles like twigs along a stretch of highway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. That resort town took a beating, with plate glass windows shattered and people slogging through knee-deep water in some streets.
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 52 houses are reported damaged with 25 that lost their complete roof. 27 with significant damage.
  • Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad, widespread flooding triggered landslides that cut off the only access road to two east coast communities, marooning hundreds of residents.
  • Grenada: 1 death from mud slides. Southern portions of island heavily damaged as building under reconstruction collapsed once again.

    • Saint Andrew: In the capital, St. George's, winds blew out windows and caused flooding at the main hospital. Many homes missing roofs. Hospital lost part of roof. Emergency station roof blown off.
    • Carriacou Island (northeast of the island of Grenada): On Carriacou, the storm damaged the roof of the only hospital, forcing the evacuation of patients, officials said. Sixteen houses were destroyed and more than 200 were damaged.

Hurricane Dennis, July 6th

  • 71 Deaths (unofficial), (official = 22 in Haiti, 16 in Cuba and 3 in the United States)
  • Georgia:

    • Cobb County: 9 inches of rain causes heavy flooding.

  • Alabama:

    • Atmore: Some buildings suffer structural failure. Power lines down.

  • Florida, hits Pensacola near Navarre (4 deaths):

    • St. Marks: Beachfront homes washed away.
    • Destin: North of U.S. Highway 98, structures survived with nary a scratch. South of the major highway, the damage to beaches and buildings, particularly in Holiday Isle and Crystal Beach, was significant. Gulf Shore Drive has been compromised in four to six places. Winds sustained here were just under hurricane force.
    • Gulf Breeze: Sporadic damage with some roofs blown off & trees down.
    • Pensacola: Carver High School roof blown off, heavy damage. Santa Rosa County, which took a straight hit from the eye of the hurricane, has the most damage. The courthouse had its roof blown off. Causeway at Navarre Beach flooded. Pensacola downtown did not suffer substantial damage, compared to other areas. Several homes and businesses were damaged at Pensacola Beach and numerous power lines were knocked down. The wind blew off the roof of Crabs We Got 'Em, a restaurant.
    • Navarre Beach: Chaser reports of a few roofs blown off & other building & sign damage. 130 structures had major damage, with 26 buildings destroyed.
    • Fort Walton Beach: Water reached U.S. 98 in front of Fort Walton Beach City Hall and lapped at businesses on the sound side of the highway, but overall minor damage. Santa Rosa Island reported 8 to 10 foot surge. 11 structures have major damage.
    • Manatee County: Significant beach erosion.
    • Citrus County: Roof damage to a home with trees down. West coast Florida surges reported up to 3 feet.
    • Hardee County: Tornado touches down for a 1/2 mile, 200 yards wide. 2 homes heavily damaged.
    • Suwannee County: Several trees & power lines down. Roof blown off house. Several homes have windows blown in.
    • Madeira Beach: Tornado rips off several roofs while passing well west of Tampa.
    • Key West: A DC3 aircraft rolls 0.5 miles and rudder was torn off. Many trees blown down. Marriott hotel sign blown down.

  • Cuba: Reports from the Cuban meteorological service and civil defense, through ham radio operators, indicate a wind gust to 149 mph occurred at Cienfuegos, Cuba around 1:30 p.m. EDT. More than 85 percent of the power lines were down and extensive damage has occurred to the communications infrastructure.

    • Granma Province: President Fidel Castro said 10 people, including an 18-day-old baby and 95-year-old man, were killed in the provinces of Granma and Santiago de Cuba after Dennis raked Cuba's south coast on Thursday. Cuban officials said about 6,000 homes had been damaged or destroyed by the storm in the province of Granma where 24-foot storm surges were reported.
    • Cienfuegos Province: Dennis made landfall near the port city of Cienfuegos at 1 p.m. Friday, downing power lines, knocking the city's TV station antenna to the ground and stripping the roofs from homes on Friday. It barreled over farming communities and small towns as it churned northward toward Havana.
    • Havana Province: The storm whipped fierce 10-foot waves over Havana's seawall, and its winds tore apart pieces of some of the city's crumbling colonial buildings, according to the Associated Press. Chunks of concrete fell from the city's colonial buildings. At least 5,000 homes were damaged in Havana's surrounding province. 360,000 tons of oranges ruined.
    • East Cuba: More than 76 percent of the homes in the cities of Niquero and Pilón in the province of Granma were affected, the state media reported. Fidel Castro said 10 people died in southeastern Cuba, including one child who fell while crossing a bridge. Dozens of humble wooden homes in sparsely populated rural areas had been reduced to mounds of kindling. Corrugated metal roofs had been ripped off and twisted by the roaring winds, before being scattered across the countryside. Two of the dead were sisters in their mid-50s who refused to be evacuated from their home in Pilón. After they hid under a bed, a wall collapsed and crushed them. A 13-year-old in Niquero was crushed to death when a roof collapsed. A newborn girl suffocated as a mother held her against her bosom and another child fell into roiling waters while crossing an old bridge over a swollen river, Castro said during the broadcast.
    • Santiago Province: Hundreds of houses damaged, partially collapsed or left roofless in the cities of Santiago and Guama. About 85 percent of the population was left without power, the agency said.

  • Jamaica: There were no reports of casualties, although some bridges were reported to have collapsed. Many roads were impassable and at least one house, in Hall's Delight, Saint Andrew, gave way to the cascading waters and sliding land. St. Catherine were badly affected by last week's heavy rains from Hurricane Dennis. Among the most affected was the Nightingale community, off Old Harbour Road. Elsewhere, the Rio Cobre River burst its banks and engulfed a section of the Bog Walk Gorge. The water rose to more than seven feet, making the road impassable. A number of other major thoroughfares, including sections of Mandela Highway, Portmore Causeway and Old Harbour Road were also flooded.
  • Haiti: In Grand-Goave, an Associated Press Television News reporter saw at least six people killed after the wood and metal bridge collapsed. Three were swept into the river, and witnesses said the river came suddenly rushing over the bridge.

    • Les Cayes: Wind gusts uprooted a palm tree and flung it into a mud hut, killing one person in the southern town.

Tropical Storm Arlene, June 11th

  • Florida, 1 death:

    • Pensacola: Gulf Power reports 4,000 without power. Many caused by tree limbs falling on power lines.
    • Navarre: Possible tornado, minimal damage. Some flooding reported on coastal roads.

  • Alabama:

    • Dauphin Island: Some coastal flooding at east end of island.