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2007 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.


Tropical Storm Olga, Dec. 10th through 12th

  • Dominican Republic: Latest reports indicate Santiago is the province most affected by Tropical Storm Olga. The damage was caused by the opening of the Bao-Tavera Dam floodgates, probably to prevent a dam break, at midnight without warning to those in the path of flooding. This released more than 5,000 cubic meters/second of water and caused a major swelling of the Yaque del Norte River. As reported in the Listin Diario, the governor of Santiago says at least seven people died after being caught unaware. There was major flooding in low areas of the city of Santiago. The number of deaths caused by Tropical Storm Olga has climbed to 25, of which 20 occurred in Santiago, as a result of the flooding of the Yaque del Norte River, as reported in Diario Libre. 41,840 people were displaced of whom 35,850 are staying with family members and 5,990 are in government shelters. In all, 8,368 homes have been affected by the storm and of these 8,126 are repairable. Also, 11 canals and 23 dam systems were affected. Finally, 136 communities are still cut off from the national road network.
  • Puerto Rico: Almost 12 inches in a couple of places. San Juan broke yesterday it's one day rain record. Approximately 20 principal roads blocked due to water and fallen trees. A rockslide killed one driver this dawn. Last count, almost 20 rivers and tributaries had overflown their banks.

Tropical Storm Noel

  • Hispaniola, Bahamas, Nova Scotia: Total deaths 163, with 59 missing.
  • Nova Scotia: About 25,000 homes and businesses had lost power by late afternoon. Gusts over 80mph reported. One mobile home roof ripped off with many trees down.
  • Maine: Nearly 9,000 customers were without power Sunday morning in eastern Maine, Bangor Hydro Electric reported. Central Maine Power Company also reported outages.
  • Massachusetts: The storm knocked out power to about 80,000 Massachusetts customers Saturday, most on Cape Cod, and some 20,000 homes remained in the dark Sunday.
  • Cuba: The storm dumped 6 inches (15 cm) of rain in just six hours over Baracoa in Cuba, causing floods and cutting off roads at the already waterlogged eastern tip of the island.
  • Haiti: 57 reported killed. About 3,400 people were staying in emergency shelters and around 400 houses had been destroyed.
  • Dominican Republic: Officials said at least 87 people had died. Schools and shops closed throughout the Dominican Republic and many roads were impassable. 25,540 people were homeless and 6,300 homes had been destroyed, said Luis Luna Paulino, head of the Dominican Republic's emergency operations.

Hurricane Lorenzo, Sep. 28th between Tuxpan & Veracruz, Mexico

  • Rancho Nuevo, Mexico: A 9-year-old girl died and a 19-year-old man was missing, washed away by a flooded river, the government reported. About a dozen roads were severed by landslides or flooding.
  • Chiconcuautla, Mexico: A woman and her two children passed away when a landslide buried their house.
  • Iczotitla, Mexico: Six people injured.
  • Veracruz, Mexico: In the last hours the Cazones River overflowed to the height of the municipality of Poza Rica, in the Gulf of Mexico. The increase of the level of the fluvial current, that became a dough of water, mud and trees, flooded more than a thousand houses, reported the local authorities. The underflow surprised the inhabitants of that region and the military staff and police had to evacuate them. The office of local civil defense reported floods in at least 10 colonies seated in the margins of the river and alerted of strong rains in the 212 municipalities of the state and the alarming growth of the rivers Pánuco, Tamesí and the Papaloapan. An 83-year-old man died after falling into a hole in drenched soil near his home, local police said. Hundreds of homes had been flooded, 2,000 roofs blown off and 30,000 people forced from their homes.

Hurricane Humberto, High Island Texas 85mph, Sep. 13th

  • Texas: 100,000 without power right after landfall.
  • Hamshire, Texas: Plenty of homes suffered damage. Roofs were peeled back and trees down everywhere.
  • High Island, Texas: About 60 electric poles knocked down as Hurricane Humberto plowed through High Island.
  • Bridge City, Texas: Sep. 13th, man in Bridge City killed when a carport fell onto his head.
  • Beaumont, Texas: The Beaumont Enterprise reported that in High Island, the storm ripped the roof off a grocery store and toppled the scoreboard and clusters of lights at the football stadium.

Hurricane Felix

  • Nicaragua: 98 deaths and 32 missing reported in impact areas as of 9/7/07. 90% of the houses of the city of Bilwi with destroyed ceilings or, several communities, among them Sandy Bay, totally destroyed. Among the dead, a man who refused to evacuate, another that died after falling from a roof that was repaired at the last minute and another man in the community of Sandy Bay, to the north of Bilwi. Puerto Cabezas is destroyed. There are houses, churches, trees and electric power poles down everywhere. There is no light, no water, people lost what little they had. Reports indicate that the control tower of the Puerto Cabezas airport and the antennas of several local radio stations fell and that the old wooden pier of the city was split in two. Damage was also recorded in the municipality of Waspán, the head of several indigenous communities located on the banks of the Coco River, on the border with Honduras, where 15% of the homes were destroyed, and many trees had fallen on the road, blocking the pass.
  • Passed north of ABC Islands: Reports of significant flooding in Aruba.
  • First landfall, tropical storm over Grenada: Felix brought heavy rains and strong winds to Grenada as a tropical storm, snapping small boats loose from their moorings, temporarily knocking out local radio and TV stations and toppling utility lines. No injuries were reported. Felix ripped roofs off at least two homes and destroyed a popular concert venue.

Hurricane Dean

  • Veracruz, Mainland Mexico: One man died in the state of Veracruz when he was electrocuted by a cable that touched the roof he was trying to repair while the storm raged. More than a million inhabitants in northern Veracruz without power after the passage of the Hurricane Dean. In neighboring Hidalgo state, a woman and her 14-year-old son were killed when their shack collapsed on them in a mountain village. Jamaica also reported another death. Producers of corn and sugar cane likely suffered heavy losses in Veracruz.
  • Poza Rica, Mainland Mexico: Neighbors banded together to clear fallen trees with axes and machetes from the streets of this storm-lashed city, while workers began reconnecting downed power lines from the category 2 storm. Killed four people.
  • Majahual, Yucatan, Mexico: Hundreds of homes collapsed in the sleepy fishing village of Majahual when Dean's eye passed almost directly overhead, covering most of the town in waist-deep sea water. Dean demolished hundreds of houses, crumpled steel girders, splintered wooden structures and washed away parts of concrete dock that transformed what once was a sleepy fishing village into a top cruise ship destination.
  • Corozal, Belize: Dean flipped a residential trailer, blew roofs from homes and flooded streets.
  • Chetumal, Mexico: Uprooted trees, blocked roads and officials said floodwaters were as high as two meters (six-and-a-half feet) in a low-lying part of town.
  • Village of Bacala, Yucatan, Mexico: Hundreds of dead or dying birds littered the ground.
  • Western Jamaica: For the most part, severe damage in western parishes was confined to several small wooden dwellings, while a number of houses and other buildings suffered extensive roof damage. Fallen trees and power lines from downed Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) and telephone poles blocked some major and minor roadways across the three parishes.
  • Saint Thomas, Jamaica: Extensive damage has been reported from several communities. Significant wind damage to roofs, storm surges, flooding, collapsed structures and impassable roadways are among the many reports.
  • Kingston and Saint Andrew, Jamaica: Severe wind damage and downed power lines in the Riverton City area. Also, a fallen tree caused the collapse of a residential building in the Chambers Lane area of Liguanea, Saint Andrew.
  • Portland, Jamaica: Several roadways in Port Antonio, Manchioneal, Mount James and Mount Airy in Buff Bay are blocked.
  • Saint Catherine, Jamaica: Storm surges have been reported along the Port Henderson road in Portmore rendering the roadway impassable along with roof damage in the communities of Naggo Head and Newland. The Newland Road is also impassable due to a fallen utility pole. Additionally, sections of the roadway have been eroded in Hellshire due to storm surges and rising water levels have been reported in Old Harbour forcing the evacuation of several persons.
  • Mandeville, Jamaica: Man died when the vehicle he was traveling in lifted and thrown against a utility pole by strong winds.
  • Saint Lucia: The roof at the children's ward of the Victoria Hospital had been blown off and roads had been blocked with debris. The two airports on the island had been closed and eyewitnesses told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that boulders used as "wave breakers" at the sea ports in Castries had been pushed onto the nearby John Compton Highway.
  • Martinique: Roofs blown off. Weather officials said that the French island had been recording wind gusts of 87 miles per hour. An elderly man died of a heart attack during the storm and six people were injured. The hurricane destroyed all the banana plantations, which employ 10,000 of Martinique's 400,000 residents, and wiped out 70 percent of the sugarcane farms, said Christian Estrosi, France's secretary of state for overseas territories.
  • Dominica: 2 reported deaths. The national disaster response coordinator, Cecil Shillingford, said a woman and her seven-year-old son were killed when a rain-soaked hillside gave way and crushed the home where they were sleeping.
  • Barbados: Some beach-front properties in Cattlewash, in the parish of Saint Joseph, were damaged by surging seas and high winds, while in Saint Philip parish at least one house slipped off its props and another lost part of its roof. In Saint John parish, banana trees were felled, while in the parish of Christ Church utility poles were downed or left leaning.

Tropical Storm Erin

  • Aransas County, Texas: Heavy rains pushed the waters of the Guadalupe River past its banks.
  • Houston, Texas: One person was killed and another was injured when a waterlogged roof collapsed at a storage unit at a Houston grocery store, Houston Fire Chief Omero Longoria said.
  • San Antonio, Texas: Extremely heavy rain flooded many areas.

Subtropical Storm Chantal, Aug. 1st

  • Avalon Peninsula and south coast, Newfoundland: Bridges are out in many communities and reports of flooding and road damage have come in from all around the Avalon Peninsula. The damage in some communities, including Placentia, which was one of the hardest hit, is estimated to be in the millions. Here are some of the roads and bridges that have been washed away: Old Shop causeway, Spread Eagle bridge, the bridge to Butlerville is hanging on by a thread, Shearstown main bridge is almost out, Bay Roberts has barricaded several side streets, Prince Street St. John's.

Tropical Storm Barry, Jun. 2nd

  • Florida: Much of the state gets much needed rain, anywhere from 2 to 8 inches.
  • Sarasota: About 500 residents in Manatee and Sarasota Counties without power.
  • Tampa: Flooding forced police to close Bayshore Drive between Rome Avenue and Platt Street.
  • Carrollwood: A 13 year old was asleep on his bottom bunk Saturday morning - when a massive oak tree came crashing in and he was briefly trapped.