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2000 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.

Tropical Storm Beryl

  • Mexico: Hits northeast Mexico with 45mph winds August 15th dumping heavy rain in some areas. Inland near Monterrey a small girl was rescued from an overflowing stream & a circus near another stream was damaged but no fatalities reported.

Debby, August 22nd

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: Rain pelted down seven hours after the passage of the storm, flooding and closing some major roads. A 78-year-old man died in a San Juan suburb when he slipped from his roof while trying to dismantle an antenna before the storm.
  • Port-de-Paix, Haiti: Outer rain bands dumped heavy rain on northern Haiti overnight, tearing away tin roofs from shanties and flooding some homes. Winds sank five boats and a storm surge swept a house out to sea in the coastal village of Carenage, but there were no reports of injuries.
  • Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic's emergency civil defense force said more than 700 people in towns and cities on the north coast were forced out of their homes by flooding.

Gordon, landfall September 17th & 18th

  • Florida:

    • Fort Myers: Reports of 7" of rain. Possible tornado damages 12 homes & an apartment building causing 1 million dollars damage. A second twister damaged 5 homes in northern Lee County.
    • Hallandale Beach (south Broward County): Tornado touches down in mobile home park near I-95. 10 mobile homes damaged.
    • Boca Raton (south Palm Beach County): Near Powerline Road & Palmetto Park road, a brief tornado touchdown with minimal damage.
    • Deerfield Beach (north Broward County): 2 water spouts near shore. Never touched land.
    • East central Palm Beach County: Doppler radar indicates up to 12" in some areas.
    • Sarasota: St. Armands Circle reports flooding. In eastern Sarasota County as much as 12" of rain fell in some areas.
    • Tampa: Hotel construction site in downtown area, scaffolding falls on vehicles below. Treasure Island & Shore Acres area reports flooding. Hotel in Rocky Point damaged ripping stucco away.
    • Clearwater: Gas station cover of pumps blown over & external part of Double Tree hotel was ripped off after an object hit the wall causing part of it to crack, then the wind ripped it open.
    • Volusia County (northeast coast): Tornado touchdown at Ponce Inlet. 10 homes damaged.
    • Southern Putnam County towards northeast Florida: Up to 12" of rain in some areas.
    • Crescent Beach south of St. Augustine: Doppler estimates show up to 12" of rain fell here.
    • Homosassa River area south of Cedar Key: Coastal flooding reported & currently receding as of AM Monday.
    • Cedar Key: Tree limbs down & most without power. Reports are that storm surge impact minimal.

  • Carolinas: Heavy rainfall, mostly 5 to 7" amounts, in many areas as Gordon moves north-northeast as a tropical depression / extratropical system.


  • Pensacola, Florida (landfall): With 45mph winds September 22nd 5 AM, no damage reported here as worst weather was well to east.
  • Apalachicola, Florida: Cape San Blas, between $100,000 & $300,000 in road & beach erosion.
  • Tallahassee, Florida: Very heavy rain here by 2PM, over 7 inches, flooded a few apartment buildings. At least 6 tornadoes south of the city.

Keith, October 1st & 2nd

  • Belize:

    • San Pedro: Winds battering the Belize village of San Pedro were clocked at 83 mph before the gauge was destroyed. Residents reported 110 mph gusts. Islands near Belize recorded 69 mph gusts long before the center arrived.
    • Belize City: Power poles reported down on October 1st PM. Flood waters had risen to two feet in Belize City as of October 2nd. About 20 homes were toppled and dozens of roofs were torn off. Power lines were down, sending cables sparking into flood waters. Half the Banana & sugar fields were damaged.
    • Caye Caulker (east of Belize City): Roofing material flying through the air from October 1st PM. Most power & phones out. 90 percent of roofs damaged.
    • Ambergris Caye: A Red Cross official said reports over a cellular phone indicated considerable damage on the storm-ravaged island of Ambergris Cay, which lies roughly in the storm's path about 12 miles off Belize's coast. In two hotels, the roofs were torn off and the people had to run for shelter. As of October 20th the area is still recovering with many hotels damaged as Keith sat over the area for 24hrs with 135mph winds.

  • Bay of Chetumal: October 2nd AM, reports of north winds pushing water out of Bay & people walking across. 20-30 feet of the ocean bed was left dry, causing fear among the local population.
  • Veracruz, Mexico & surrounding areas: Civil defense authorities in Mexico said four people drowned in rising rivers in the Veracruz region and a young child drowned in the Tabasco area. More than 30,000 people were evacuated from homes in the Campeche, Tabasco and Veracruz areas.
  • Nicaragua: 16 year old dragged into river & killed just northeast of Managua.
  • Honduras: The authorities in Honduras blamed bad weather for the disappearance of a helicopter carrying the country's chief justice and five others near the northern coast on Friday. The aircraft disappeared from the radar screens shortly after takeoff.
  • All of Central America: 15 deaths.
  • Tampico, Mexico & surrounding areas, October 5th: Civil protection officials in Tamaulipas said Keith had ravaged telephone and electricity poles and trees throughout the state's sparsely populated coastline, but no injuries or deaths had been reported.

Hurricane Michael

  • Newfoundland: Michael accelerates into this area with 100mph winds knocking down many power lines & trees.