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2010 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.

Tomas, Oct. 30th

  • Haiti: The death toll from Hurricane Tomas Friday has risen to at least five dead and two missing, but so far much lower than feared. Casualties have been recorded in Grand'Anse (2), on the Sud coast (2) and in Sud-est (1). Two other people were still missing at the end of the day in Léogâne (30km west of the capital). Scattered flooding was reported in the coastal towns of Les Cayes, Jacmel and Léogâne.
  • Saint Lucia: At least 12 people were confirmed dead and several communities across Saint Lucia remained cut off today following widespread destruction caused by Hurricane Tomas over the weekend. Flooding in low lying areas, landslides and roofs flying off buildings and houses. There have been unconfirmed reports of looting and some people are reporting hearing shots fired in Castries. News reports are that the main Bois d'Orange Bridge has collapsed making it impossible to get up north via the main road. The Choc Bridge has also collapsed.
  • Barbados: Tropical Storm Tomas blew off the roofs of several buildings, uprooted trees and utility poles and made several roads impassable in Barbados. Medical officials were reporting that they had received several calls from persons suffering from various injuries and that they were being advised not to travel to the hospitals or health clinics until the "all clear" had been given.

Richard, Oct. 24th

  • Belize: Reports from radio stations indicate people climbing on furniture & into attics to escape rising waters. Preliminary aftermath figures show 33.8 million in damage; 200 homes damaged; no fatalities; heaviest damage to crops.


  • Newfoundland: Heavy flooding from 6 to 10 inches of rain in SE Newfoundland. Many trees down & most without power after passage.
  • Bermuda: Just over half of the power out on island due to wind gusts to 90mph as Hurricane Igor, with 75mph winds, passed just west of the island. Many tree limbs & trees down.


  • Veracruz, Mexico: The number of people killed as a result of flooding caused by the passage of Hurricane Karl rose to nine in Veracruz as of September 19th, 2010. Meanwhile, in the municipality of Teocelo, two trucks with five persons on board were swept away by the current of the Fish River. Two occupants bodies, identified as Diego López and Lucius Morales, were located meters later and the remaining three were declared as missing.

Earl, Aug. 30th through Sep. 4th

  • Nova Scotia: At one point over 100,000 without power, many trees down.
  • Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Though damage was fairly extensive around the territory, no injuries or deaths were reported. Virtually all docks on the 15 square mile island were significantly damaged or destroyed. But other than that, the sparsely populated island reported no serious structural devastation. Earl damaged structures, knocked down trees and power lines, cluttered roads and made a general mess of the territory
  • Saint Martin: While heavy seas and seaweed were blamed as major factors in the disruption of electricity generation as a result of the passing of the storm, tons of seaweed washed ashore by the storm were also evident on the Great Bay Beach promenade and at Captain Hodge Wharf. Several trucks were used to cart away the seaweed and other debris.

Alex (death toll as of Jul. 8th, 2010: 12)

  • Coahuila, Mexico: Officials evacuated the flood-threatened Vega Verde subdivision in Del Rio, Texas, some 110 miles (180 kilometers) upstream from Laredo, while high waters in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila have already damaged some 10,000 homes - many swamped in waist-deep water.
  • Monterrey, Mexico: 6 dead as flood waters tossed and flipped cars and pickup trucks and nearly buried houses in mud and rocks. The flooding damaged bridges in Monterrey as well as railway tracks in the region. Twenty-two municipalities declared disaster.
  • Guatemala: The heavy rains prompted a landslide in northwestern Guatemala that dislodged a large rock outcropping, killing two men who had taken shelter from the storm underneath, according to the national disaster-response agency.
  • El Salvador: Civil Protection chief Jorge Melendez said two people were swept away by rivers that jumped their banks. About 500 people were evacuated from their homes. Authorities in both Guatemala and Belize were keeping an eye on rising river levels. One bridge in western Belize was swamped entirely, cutting off a remote Mennonite community. Seven homes in the Belize River Valley, outside Belize City, had their roofs blown off, and at least one structure collapsed.