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2017 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.

Ophelia, Oct. 16th

  • Ireland: Some 245,000 customers are without electricity, while 3,800 homes are without power in Northern Ireland and 4,000 in north Wales. 3 killed as post-tropical Ophelia hits with 75mph winds.

Hurricane Nate, Oct. 4th through 9th

  • Alabama: Mobile Bay surge flooding up to 5ft in some areas.
  • Mississippi: Eye passes over Biloxi with 85mph winds. Coastal flooding reported.
  • Central America: 16 people lost lives due to heavy flooding & mud slides.

Hurricane Maria, Sep. 19th through 21st

  • Puerto Rico: Entire island left without power when Maria hits with 155mph winds. As of Oct. 10th death toll stands at 43. Most of island still without power.
  • Dominica: 15 killed when Maria hits with 160mph winds.
  • St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands: Power infrastructure destroyed during Irma delayed after Hurricane Maria hits. As of Oct. 20th no power restored on island.

Hurricane Irma, Sep. 5th through 11th

  • Georgia / South Carolina: Heavy flooding reported in coastal areas.
  • Chokoloskee, Florida: Unconfirmed reports of up to 8 ft of water inundation. Main bridge coming in knocked out of service.
  • SE Florida coast: Mainly heavy tree damage & power outages, 14 killed in heat related to no power in Hollywood nursing home.
  • Naples, Florida: Heavy damage to mobile home communities.
  • Florida Keys: Heavy damage from Key West to Marathon.
  • Cuba: 10 reported killed. Some buildings in Havana collapse.
  • Northern Leeward Islands: Heavy destruction from Irma's 185mph winds which passed over Barbuda, St. Martin, Anguilla, St. Kitts, St. Barts and the Virgin Islands. 34 dead as of 9/14/17.

Hurricane Harvey, Aug. 26th (88 dead as of Sep. 7th, 2017)

  • Rockport, Texas: Heavy destruction from Harvey at 130mph. 3 killed.
  • Houston, Texas: 70 killed by heavy flooding from Harvey meandering for days over area. Up to 50 inches of rain in some areas.
  • Port Arthur / Beaumont, Texas: Nearly 48 inches of rain.

Tropical Storm Cindy, Jun. 21st through 22nd

  • Fort Morgan, Alabama: A 10 year old boy on an Alabama beach was struck and killed Wednesday by a log washed ashore by the storm.
  • Dauphin Island, Alabama: Streets were flooded and beaches were closed.
  • Ensley, Alabama: Significant damage after a tornado touched down.
  • Ocean Springs, Mississippi: 12 inches of rain & flooding.
  • Fort Walton Beach, Florida: Pockets of wind damage from squall lines knock tress down & cause sporadic damage.