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2012 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.

Sandy, Oct. 23rd through 29th (death toll as of 12/06/12: 193)

  • United States: 125 dead dead as of December 6th. 7 subways flooded in New York. Reported surge up to 14 feet in some locations. 8 Million without power at one point. New Jersey shoreline heavily damaged by surge. In Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens, New York, more than 100 homes were destroyed in a fire during and after the hurricane. Some 10,000 Army and Air National Guard forces were on duty in the 13 states affected by the storm. Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan evacuated its 700 patients because the pumps that supply oil to the generators are in the basement under 8 feet of water, a source familiar with the evacuation plan said. Staten Island coastal areas heavily damaged. New Jersey shoreline took a hard hit. Total damage estimate approximately 50 billion for the United States.
  • Bahamas: 1 man falls off roof and dies, power and phone lines downed, tourists stranded and trees uprooted.
  • Cuba: Sandy claimed 11 lives in eastern Cuba, including several who died in the rubble of buildings that collapsed in the fury of the massive storm. Hundreds of homes damaged, flooding crops and downing trees, according to media reports. "It was terrible. Roofs were flying off lots of houses. Doors too, and windows," said Laquesis Bravo, 36, who lives outside the southeastern coastal city of Santiago de Cuba. Nine people died in Santiago, including a four-month-old infant who was among four people who perished when a house caved in. Five more people in the province died during the storm for unspecified reasons, while two people in the nearby town of Guantanamo were killed by falling trees. Approximately 35,000 homes damaged or destroyed.
  • Haiti: 34 people died and three others were reported missing.
  • Jamaica: The police say 74-year-old Cleveland Scott was killed after a boulder rolled unto a house in Bedward Garden, Eastern St Andrew.

Leslie, Sep. 11th

  • Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland: Leslie caused a lot of property damage in the Avalon region and knocked out power to up to 50,000 people. Business building, homes and churches suffered roof and siding damage; shed, decks and small garages overturned; fences and pole lines were knocked down; roads and streets were closed; schools and many offices were closed; and officials issued warnings for people to stay at home.

Hurricane Isaac, Aug. 24th through 30th (as of Sep. 2nd, 2012, 5 deaths reported in U.S.)

  • Louisiana: Plaquemines Parish reports levee topped at Braithwaite and many homes underwater. At the height of the storm, more than 850,000 customers were reportedly without power in Louisiana.
  • Mississippi: Roof torn off grocery store, several homes badly damaged and some coastal flooding on Highway 90.
  • Dominican Republic: Hundreds of homes damaged.
  • Haiti: 19 dead. Significant flooding reported as of August 27th. Thousands of homes have been destroyed.
  • Cuba: Baracoa reports 20 foot waves with surge flooding. 6,000 evacuated.

Ernesto, Aug. 7th through 10th

  • Jalapa, Mexico: Three people were killed and one was injured because of the rains and strong winds caused by the passage of Tropical Storm Ernesto. It toppled a tree that fell on top of a car, reported the Secretariat of Civil Protection.
  • Mexico: A total of 13 municipalities of the Sierra de Zongolica in the central mountainous region of Veracruz were partially incommunicado due to two landslides along the federal highway from Orizaba to Zongolica. The state delegate of the Secretariat of Communications and Transport (SCT), Basilio Agustín of la Vega, said the intense rainfall left by Ernesto passing through Veracruz caused two landslides. The federal official said two landslides were on the kilometers 19 and 25, which completely blocked the Orizaba-Zongolica road, although he explained that there are other state roads to travel to that region.
  • Chilpancingo, Mexico: At least three dead and 27 injured as a result of three car accidents caused by the rains of Ernesto, two of them on the Autopista del Sol, where 30 vehicles were involved.