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2001 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.

Tropical Storm Allison, 47 deaths, 60mph winds

  • Hits near Galveston, Texas with 60mph winds on June 5th without much warning. Allison dropped up to 2 to 3 inches of rain per hour as far as 120 miles inland, flooding parts of freeway feeder roads and various communities, including southeast Houston. Flooded runways also became a problem, forcing Hobby Airport to halt flights for three hours. Reliant Energy reports at least 13,500 customers lost power.
  • Houston, Texas: Several homes and an apartment complex were soaked by water levels that climbed to more than 4 feet. One of the hardest hit areas was a neighborhood southeast of Houston in Friendswood, Texas. Authorities said that about 59 homes were surrounded by waist-deep water, stranding thousands of residents. As of June 9th 10,000 left homeless. Up to 40 inches of rain in some areas. As of June 10th, 20 dead & damage estimates are up to 1 billion dollars.
  • Friendswood, Texas: Over a foot of rain fell in this area causing heavy flooding.
  • Freeport, Texas: Tornado was reported near Manvel, Texas, around 5:45 p.m. CDT. Funnel clouds were also reported near Freeport, Texas, and along the barrier islands from Galveston to Freeport.
  • Louisiana: Heavy rainfall amounts up to 25 inches reported in some areas.
  • Mississippi & Alabama: Heavy rainfall up to 10 inches in many locations as the remnants of Allison move through the areas on June 11th and June 12th.
  • Florida: 9 dead as a result of flooding & wind damage.
  • North Carolina: 9 deaths reported from heavy flooding.
  • New Jersey & Pennsylvania: 6 deaths in the area from heavy rain as Allison's remnants move north just off the northeast U.S. coast.

Tropical Storm Barry, August 6th, came ashore in Destin, Florida with 70mph winds

  • Florida: The storm blacked out more than 37,000 of Gulf Power Company's 182,000 Florida customers as tree limbs downed feeder lines, but restoration work was well under way before daybreak.
  • Panama City, Florida & surrounding areas: In Florida's Bay County, which includes Panama City, officials said less than a dozen roads were closed by water. One bridge in Franklin County was washed out.
  • Destin, Florida: One high-rise condominium is known to have window damage.
  • Tallahassee, Florida: 73 streets flooded. Downtown apartment building evacuated.
  • Walton County, Florida: Copper Grill's Executive Car Wash in South Walton received extensive damage.
  • Miramar Beach, Florida: Roof blown off of a condominium at Seascape in Miramar Beach and portions of wood and shingles flew off the building and crushed a car.
  • Santa Rosa Beach: Mack Bayou Road in Santa Rosa Beach was partially submerged and waters were a foot from one home at East Mack Bayou Road.
  • Andalusia, Alabama: Power lines and trees down. Some very large trees down and a lot of debris.

Tropical Storm Chantal, landfall in Mexico (Yucatan) on August 20th

  • Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago: 2 deaths reported by lightning strikes.
  • Chetumal, Mexico: The storm battered shuttered restaurants along the city's deserted coastline shortly after hitting land late Monday night, snapping power lines and hurling tree branches and debris through the air, but state officials said that no one was injured. 2 fisherman missing offshore.

Tropical Storm Gabrielle, September 14th

  • Florida:

    • Venice: Mobile home roofs damaged as a possible tornado may have hit between 11 and 11:30 am on the 14th.
    • Manatee County: More than 30 large tree limbs and whole trees have been reported downed.
    • Sarasota County: Many trees down in this area as well.
    • Fort Myers: A storm surge of 3 feet was reported as cars near the beaches were buried in sand up to the hoods.
    • Satellite Beach (south of Cape Canaveral): Tornado touchdowns were reported at a supermarket, a marina and four homes.
    • Brevard County: Callers have reported blown transformers, downed power lines, roof damage, and tree damage.
    • Gibsonton: Reported more than 11 inches of rain.
    • Bradenton: An Econo Lodge motel lost part of its roof.

Hurricane Iris

  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Heavy rains in the Dominican Republic's capital, Santo Domingo, triggered a mudslide that crushed a wooden house, killing a 27-year old mother and her daughters aged 3 and 8. The home was on the western outskirts of Santo Damingo in Los Girasoles.
  • Jamaica: Reports of power lines & trees down in southern Jamaica.
  • Belize: Iris hits southern Belize with 140mph winds. A 120-foot dive boat carrying vacationing Virginians capsized as Hurricane Iris roared into Belize, and 20 on board were feared dead. Local radio stations reported that Iris flattened several coastal towns as it hit Monday night, destroying hundreds of houses. The storm destroyed many houses in Placencia, a fishing village and resort town of several hundred people where many homes are small wooden structures on stilts.

    • Monkey River: Major damage in Monkey River. Most houses destroyed. Only buildings left standing are the Community Center and the Health Center.
    • Silver Creek: 98% of houses destroyed. Only church building and new school remain standing.
    • Hopkins Village: Two restaurants fallen into the sea: Swinging Armadillo and Over the Waves. High tension wires down on the Southern Highway between Hopkins Village and Silk Grass.
    • Independence: Many houses on the ground. Roof of Hotel Hello blew off. Michael Ashcroft Stadium destroyed.
    • Punta Gorda: Some houses lost their roofs.
    • Rural Toledo: Thatch houses destroyed. 8,000 people left homeless.
    • San Antonio, Toledo District: 20 homes destroyed.
    • Bella Vista, Toledo District: Many houses destroyed.
    • Big Falls: 95% of houses destroyed.
    • Placencia: 100% of properties have been damaged. Very few houses left standing. 95% of businesses are down: Conchie's Villa's, Julia's Guest House, Bella Beach Restaurant, Cozy Corner, Ranguana Lodge, The Thatch Cafe, Sea Horse Dive Shop, J-Bird's Bar, Dockside Bar, Temptations Bar, Sonny's Resort, and more.

Michelle, October 28th to November 6th

  • Honduras: As of October 30th, 10 killed, 2 dozen missing as heavy flooding has already left over 25,000 homeless, over 100,000 in Central America.
  • Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua: Also reports of thousands homeless from flooding.
  • Gracias a Dios, Honduras: About 95 percent of the western department of Gracias a Dios, home to the Mosquitia area, was hit by flooding and rains and crops were destroyed, said Koritza Mejia of the region's emergency committee.
  • Jamaica: 2 men die in flooding.
  • Cayman Islands: Reports of very heavy beach damage from large waves destroys several notable tourist facilities despite being over 100 miles to the west upon passage. Fuel leak reported at Texaco facility.
  • Cuba, 135mph, November 4th:

    • Isle of Youth: Reports of major communication tower down which runs one of states T.V. stations. 100% of banana crops lost.
    • Havana: North winds cause flooding of coastal areas. 179 buildings collapsed, 3 killed. 1,500 roofs ripped off homes.
    • Playa Larga: 60 year old man drowns.
    • Matanzas Province: 98 year old woman killed. Reuters T.V. images showed scores of wooden houses razed to the ground and residents carrying belongings through water up to their chests in the town of Jaguey Grande, in Matanzas, which took one of the worst beatings. Civil Defense gave a preliminary list of 45,000 homes, 780 industrial installations, 500 schools damaged, and 180 medical facilities damaged. Major T.V. transmitter down.
    • Guama: Crocodile farm heavily damaged, whereabouts of crocodiles not mentioned.

  • Bahamas:

    • Cat Island: Radio reports flooding & 1 roof blown off.
    • Nassau: 103mph reported at airport. Shutters ripped from buildings. Very heavy rain has people walking in ankle to knee deep water.
    • Andros Island: Many trees & power lines down.