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2015 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.

Hurricane Joaquin, Oct. 2nd through 3rd

  • Acklins Island, Bahamas: Reports power out. 4 to 5 feet of surge while Joaquin was just NE of the island. Seven or eight homes reported totally destroyed with reports of many utility poles down. Significant flooding in Delectable Bay, Snug Corner in the north and Mason's Bay. Five houses were destroyed in Mason's Bay and four in Snug Corner. Power outages, no injuries reported, and all residents accounted for.
  • Long Island, Bahamas: Power outage due to downed lines; flooding of private fresh water wells; structural damage to homes; extreme flooding of approximately 4 feet of water in the northern part of the island. Police station evacuated because of flooding.
  • San Salvador Island, Bahamas: Reports of extensive damage; flooding throughout the island; downed power lines and poles; roads impassable; 130 persons reported to shelters, one of which had its roof and door blown off. Resulted in relocation of persons within the same facility.
  • Exuma, Bahamas: Power lines down and extreme flooding.

Hurricane Fred, Aug. 30th

  • Cape Verde Islands: Boa Vista had the worst conditions with reports of downed trees and ripped-off roofs. Two residents were taken to the hospital after the wall of their house collapsed, but fortunately they are doing fine. In Boa Vista there was record of fallen trees and electricity poles and also cut in telecommunications. At Sal, particularly in the city of Santa Maria, report some flooding, caused by rising sea levels.

Tropical Storm Erika, Aug. 27th

  • Dominica: Tropical Storm Erika brought deadly flooding and mudslides to parts of Dominica as it passed to the north in the Lesser Antilles on Aug 27th, washing out roadways and collapsing at least one building. Twenty people were killed in the flooding and mudslides created by Erika's torrential rain in the Caribbean. A blind elderly man and two children were killed in southeastern Dominica, and another man was killed in the country's capital of Roseau, the report said.