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2006 Damage Reports

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These reports are not intended to be for up to the minute information, rather for future reference.


Hurricane Gordon

  • Santa Maria, Azores: Wind gusts to 90mph knocked out power on some parts of the island, which is home to just under 6,000 people, and blocked several roads with fallen trees.

Hurricane Florence, Bermuda, September 11th

  • Bermuda: BELCO (Bermuda Electric Light Company) said this morning that they have 25,000 customers without power. BELCO's vice-president of public relations told the Bermuda Sun that the the power company has 37 of 75 circuits not working. Balcony roofs from two cliff top apartments at Surf Side got ripped off. Another cliff-side suite had a balcony whipped off amid hurricane strength winds. One piece of wood from it was tossed back about 100 meters. The restaurant door was blown in and doors protecting windows were thrust into the swimming pool - leaving Surf Side counting the cost as one of Hurricane Florence's biggest victims. Surf Side Beach Club on South Shore Road is believed to have suffered roof damage. Public Works Minister David Burch said teams inspected the Causeway this evening and found about 50ft had suffered minor damage.
  • Turtle Bay, Bermuda: Tornado causes damage to judge's home.
  • Hamilton Parish, Bermuda: There are at least two houses in Hamilton Parish with roof damage, with one of the houses using two tarps to cover holes. One at a home in Southampton, the other at the Chief Justice's home in Devonshire.

Tropical Storm / Hurricane Ernesto, Aug. 27th - Sep. 1st

  • Pennsylvania: 70,000 without power during passage of depression.
  • Long Island: 30,000 without power during depression passage.
  • New Jersey: 90,500 without power during passage of depression.
  • Maryland: 150,000 lost power during storm as a depression.
  • Virginia: Many reports of flooding & nearly 600,000 without power in southeast Virginia at the height of the storm. 4 deaths reported in Virginia.
  • North Carolina: Hits near Wilmington with 70mph winds with a couple of locations getting gusts to 74 to 76mph. 5 foot storm surge in some locations with the main problem being flooding over many counties of eastern North Carolina. 1 death reported in North Carolina.
  • Dominican Republic: 400 homes flooded by mudslides.
  • Haiti: Hits southwest tip with 75mph winds. 1 woman reported washed out to sea with 200 homes wiped out. Bridge wiped out between Haiti south peninsula & Port-au-Prince.

Tropical Storm Alberto, June 13th

  • Marion County, Florida: Scattered power outages and some downed tree limbs across Marion County overnight. 1,900 without power. Heavy winds were blamed for the explosion of an Ocala Electric Utility transformer at S.E. 53rd Court and S.E. 127th Place near Souls Harbor Church.
  • Citrus County, Florida: Bayview Apartments in Citrus County experienced some flooding and U.S. 19 southbound was closed. At MacRae's Bait Shop in Homosassa, the storm left behind about an inch of sludge. It's not clear exactly how high the water surged in Citrus County, but officials estimated it to be anywhere between 5 and 8 feet. After one day of assessment, teams reported 28 residences affected, but none with minor or major damage or destroyed. Eight businesses were assessed as having minor damage.
  • Cedar Key, Florida: The only road in and out of Cedar Key for the island's 940 residents, was briefly closed because of flooding.
  • Pinellas County, Florida: Reported some street flooding and a few downed trees.
  • Crystal River, Florida: Water levels approached several houses and businesses near Crystal River to the south. Residents gathered in calf-deep water on streets and parking lots and dropped sandbags in preparation for the afternoon high tide.
  • Jacksonville, Florida: Tornado downs trees & tents blown down on Beach Boulevard.
  • Bradford County, Florida: Power line down caused by tree falling.
  • Bunnell, Florida: Many trees down.
  • Chatham County, Georgia: Trees & power lines down over much of county. FEMA confirms tornado with some homes damaged.
  • Tattnall County, Georgia: Tree fell on car.
  • Effingham County, Georgia: Tornado touchdown with trees down.
  • Savannah, Georgia: Numerous reports of damage to trees and power lines in the Savannah area have been received.
  • Charleston, South Carolina: Tornado touchdown near medical university breaks a few police car windows, garage door twisted & scaffolding damaged nearby.
  • Raleigh, North Carolina: Heavy rain caused by front in advance of Alberto allows for a lot of flooding in the area as Alberto passes to the east. Up to 8 inches in some areas.